Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lake Shetek

Our family reunion this year took us to Lake Shetek in MN. Both my Grandpa and my Grandma (my fathers parents) love to camp, and much prefer the "wilderness" to a regular campsite. Lake Shetek had the perfect spot -- a large group "wilderness" campsite that fit 6 tents quite spaciously. The showers were only a short drive away and cooking water was only a short walk away (they had a real hand pump that took some work to get the water out: )

Setting up camp

This tent has been with our family for over 20 years...and after a quite severe thunder storm it retired with The boys had to sleep in the van the rest of the night to avoid floating right out the door (which didn't zip).

Swimming in the nearby lakes gave some a nice tan and others....well, we just won't go there: )

Taking walks...

...and just enjoying being together...

The whole Beasley family

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just because she is SO cute....

What a precious baby....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The new look....

....what do you think?!?!

Also for a peek at what I have been up to, you can go and visit my sister-to-be's blog : )

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A day at the lake...

..was on of my favorite things that we did! Justin took Alicia, Anna, the other Anna and myself out on the lake for an afternoon of boating and swimming (and a little sun bathing)!

It was so good to see Alicia again!!

What could be better then finishing a day at the lake, with a trip to Applebee's in our swimsuits: )
Thank you Justin & Alicia!

Alicia's Birthday!

One of the main reasons we went to VA, was to help celabrate Alicia's birthday!!

She got to pick the meal and two cheesecakes, and then sit back and watch us make it! It was so much fun: ) The family came over for dinner and presents!

The next day we celebrated her birthday again with a girls party with chinese food and a fun "chick flick".
Hope you had a very happy birthday!! I so enjoyed being there with you for it! Also, thank you Alicia for all the special memories that we shared that week! You are such a blessing in my life!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The weeks have been full! has been a long time since I have blogged! I have so many fun pictures and stories to share...but time is the thing that gets me right now: )

Esther, Phillip and I are finishing up 2 clubs in Lincoln this week! Today is our last hopefully I will be able to catch you all up on the fun happenings of my trip to VA, and CYIA..and the list goes on.... camera has a mind of it's own right now...I accidently left it out in the rain at a family camp-out and it has not behaved for me since...hopefully it will pull itself together soon!!

See ya soon: )

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Something new....

One of the "scheduled" events while I was in VA was to go and get my hair cut!! I have wanted to do something new for a long time but hadn't quite decided what!

I had lots of helpers to help me decide!!

I wasn't quite sure how I would like the side bang that I had said "yes" too: )

The first cut..(that was kinda hard *smile*)!

The finished look!!
I totally LOVE my haircut!!! It is So fun to try something new every once in a while: )