Monday, June 23, 2008

A quick peek!

Hello! I am finally back from CYIA! The Lord used it in so many different ways!
The first week of training was full of classes and then, practicums, or tests. There were tests on the wordless book, bible lessons etc.
Since this was my fourth year I was chosen to be a Team Leader. Brittany Hall was my "student" this year! She was such a sweetheart, and an excellent teacher! We had a lot of fun together: )
Brittany and I

The second week of training we got to go out and teach clubs in the surrounding areas. My teaching team for the second week was;
Luke Harwerth, Kimberly McClellan, Isaac DeFord and Rachel Inge. Mr. Hayden the dorm dad was our driver: ) Let me tell you, the way to and from club was never silent in the least. Mr. Hayden was a blast to ride with, and pretty much everybody wished he was their driver: )
When driving with Mr. Hayden you never knew what to expect, a random stop at a park to take pictures, we quickly discovered, was not uncommon! Here is a glimpse into our fun: )

A very green lake: )Mr. Hayden even let me drive his cool truck *smile*

Just a quick note, never have your hair in french braids for pictures: )Thank you to all of you who prayed for me and sent me letters! I really appreciated it!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Leaving....

Tomorrow morning Esther and I will be headed to Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) up in Central City , NE from June 9-21. Joe will be coming up next week.

For those of you who are not familiar with CYIA I'll give you a quick summary. CYIA is a 2 week camp that teaches and enables teens all over NE to present the gospel to children using the Wordless Book, we also learn how to teach a 5-day club, counsel a child, and basic children teaching skills.

I would definatly appriciate your prayers as this will not be just a fun experience, but a spiritually challenging one as well!
Some quick prayer requests are;
- That God would really be able to use me this summer to reach kids for Christ
- That I would be open to what He wants to teach me throughout these 2 weeks
- That I would be a good example to the others girls that will be there!

I can, and LOVE to recieve mail while I am there and packages are even better so if you get a chance, my address is;
Anna Beasley
c/o Nebraska Christian Schools
1847 Inskip Avenue
Central City, Ne 68826
I would absolutely love it if you send me a letter or a package!
Looking forward to hearing from you: )

Caleb and Abby's new house!

Caleb and Abby just bought their first house on Friday! The house is really nice, it was such a joy to work in! The house was in very good condition when they bought it, but it did need a couple things done to it. Right when we arrived Betsy, and I were sent straight to the baby's room to paint it! The room started out as a very strange yellowish, greenish, tanish color. (the picture does not do an accurate job of portraying the actual color) But after a coat of Kilz and a lovely coat of Dogwood Blossom, (the 2nd pic) the room is ready for my little niece (or nephew) to move in!

The color of 3 of the doors in the hall upstairs did not match the rest of the woodwork so, Hannah and Esther got to tackle the job of stripping 2 of them in the hot blistering sun! Betsy and I were delegated the remaining door!

Hannah and Esther taking a well deserved break!
All the wood floors were very nice wood...but they were getting quite worn down so Caleb rented a bid sander and the guy got the job of sanding the entire house!

Mr. Grady running 1 of the big sanders:)

Abby scrubbing paint off the woodwork!Betsy and I staining the doors!

It was beautiful all day, but in the evening it would sprinkle every now and again so Betsy and I had to move the doors into the garage to finish them! Lets just say we appreciated the breeze outside *smile*
I realized now that I didn't get any pictures of Daddy building Abby a bunch of shelves downstairs in the basement! He did a wonderful job! If anyone needs a bunch of sturdy shelves for your pantry, ask my dad! He does a great job!
Thank you Caleb and Abby for letting us help turn your house into a home!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A couple things...

Yesterday we were getting ready for the rain, and John discovered this on the basketball court!
How do you think it got there?

It had me puzzled until I found out that Phillip had mowed that day and a bike was laying right there, so when they removed the bike that's what was left! I thought it was pretty neat! Stephen was so thrilled that he said that he wants to start putting items there when Phillip mowed, so you may just see some more exquisite art in later posts: )

Another happy thing that happened this week was that I got some more stamp sets! Four to be exact! I was so thrilled! I got them pretty cheap from a lady of Craigs List, they lived fairly close to Abby so Mrs. Grady and her stopped by and picked them up for me: ) Thank you very much, Mrs. Grady! You made my week!
What do ya think? Pretty cute!

Girls Party!

On Wednesday, Alaina invited Mom, Esther and I, along with Jolene (Sp?) to a Mary Kay party! It was very fun! Since Alaina was the upcoming bride she got to do some extra special little things. Like when we tried something on our hands, she got to actually wash her face and try it there, and she got to use the "Glamor" brushes! : )

We forgot to take the before picture, but heres the after one: )

Alaina and Stacy the demonstrator. Stacy was such a darling, she was so very sweet!
Thank you Alaina!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I found it!

Grace Waldo, on her blog offered a $10 gift card to anyone who could find this big house that was 2 miles from her house, and take their picture in front of it. She thought nobody would find it! I e-mailed the link to Daddy at his work and he knew right where it was: ) So Saturday morning we went, found the house and took my picture! This house was huge! It had a big gate (the one you see in the pic) preventing me from getting any closer!
The House!Lets just say that Grace was pretty surprised! Thanks Daddy!

Silly Little People: )

We were over at the Miller's and the little guys found a pretty big hole, big enough to fit inside! After attempting to use it as a trap for some unsuspecting person they finally decided to have some fun with it! So they pulled up a very large amount of grass, put John in the hole and covered him up: )

I have always wanted to do this "pose" but thought it only worked in the sand...I guess not: )