Friday, June 6, 2008

A couple things...

Yesterday we were getting ready for the rain, and John discovered this on the basketball court!
How do you think it got there?

It had me puzzled until I found out that Phillip had mowed that day and a bike was laying right there, so when they removed the bike that's what was left! I thought it was pretty neat! Stephen was so thrilled that he said that he wants to start putting items there when Phillip mowed, so you may just see some more exquisite art in later posts: )

Another happy thing that happened this week was that I got some more stamp sets! Four to be exact! I was so thrilled! I got them pretty cheap from a lady of Craigs List, they lived fairly close to Abby so Mrs. Grady and her stopped by and picked them up for me: ) Thank you very much, Mrs. Grady! You made my week!
What do ya think? Pretty cute!


Carly Marie said...

Those are cute! I especially like the one with the big flower.

Lesley said...

The grass bike is very neat Pippi! I'll be looking forward to more of your new art form.;)
The stamps are cute will have lots of fun with those!
Looking forward to seeing you next week!