Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Leaving....

Tomorrow morning Esther and I will be headed to Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) up in Central City , NE from June 9-21. Joe will be coming up next week.

For those of you who are not familiar with CYIA I'll give you a quick summary. CYIA is a 2 week camp that teaches and enables teens all over NE to present the gospel to children using the Wordless Book, we also learn how to teach a 5-day club, counsel a child, and basic children teaching skills.

I would definatly appriciate your prayers as this will not be just a fun experience, but a spiritually challenging one as well!
Some quick prayer requests are;
- That God would really be able to use me this summer to reach kids for Christ
- That I would be open to what He wants to teach me throughout these 2 weeks
- That I would be a good example to the others girls that will be there!

I can, and LOVE to recieve mail while I am there and packages are even better so if you get a chance, my address is;
Anna Beasley
c/o Nebraska Christian Schools
1847 Inskip Avenue
Central City, Ne 68826
I would absolutely love it if you send me a letter or a package!
Looking forward to hearing from you: )

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ladygreen said...

Welcome home Anna!!!