Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alicia Nelson's wedding: )

Alicia's wedding was so gorgeous!!

Abby arranged the flowers and did a wonderful job of it!Here are some quick pictures that I took...
Just after the pictures ..do we have to smile again?

Staci and Mr. Hess played some of the music..it was beautiful!
Everybody was so thrilled to have Caleb home for the wedding, especially Alicia!

She was so gorgeous!!! I am so happy for you Alicia..but I'm gonna miss you!!!

Caitlin helped carry the flowers and looked just adorable!

I can't end this post without having a darling picture of my niece: )

Thursday, August 21, 2008

For someone special: )

I made this card for someone who has a very special event coming up this Saturday: ) She probably won't do any blog checking these last few days,so I thought I would so it to you. What do you think??

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Splish-splash of summer

This past week we had some friends from Tennessee come and visit. As their family had 6 kids with them we decided to do something fun and active away from home! Dad had recently fixed a large motor at Fun Plex so as a bonus for doing such a great job they gave him a bunch of free tickets. As Tuesday was supposed to be hot and Fun Plex had lots of water activities as well as a few regular rides, we decided that it was the perfect time to go: )
Steve greatly anticipating his first ride of the day
The water side of the park was definitely the favorite! With it's two big water slides and a large wave pool it was the spot to be: )

Relaxing right before the waves would start!
We had packed a nice big supper which was devoured quite quickly...and then...back to the water and rides!

Cute little sisters...

Luci and Emili looked so cute in their little matching dresses! I made Luci's dress first and then couldn't resist making one for Emili too!
They looked so darling: )

Wedding fun: )

This past Saturday Samantha McClellan got married, and Esther and I along with a few others drove up to Claiton Ne to help with her reception.
A couple Wissmann's came to help, and it was so much fun having them there: )
We went not only to help set up the reception, but also manage the games for all the kids. There was quite the variety of games and the kids had a lot of fun...and so did we: )
It was also so fun to see Ashley and Lesley Hoover again! Ashley was in the wedding and Lesley was the wedding coordinator, they both looked so pretty: )

Some of the girls got a little carried away with the helium for the balloons: )
After breathing in a balloon we took this video of Alatheia! You can kind of tell when the helium started to wear off...it was pretty funny: )

Monday, August 11, 2008

Alicia's bridal shower!

After so many years of coordinating and helping, Alicia finally got to have her very own bridal shower!!! And what a fun evening! Mrs. Grady coordinated it and it was a success in every way: )
We played a game called Dorcas Boggle, where everyone had to list as many things Alicia had done for them throughout their friendship. Whichever team had the most things won. The way the Lord had used and worked through Alicia was overwhelming!

Thank you Alicia, for being such of a good example to me personally of how to serve the Lord at home, and be a blessing to others!
I am going to miss you Alicia! *smile*

The sewing has begun...

and the wedding, (Alaina informed me today) is only 82 days away: ) So it was decided that we needed to get things underway.
Each of the bridesmaids are going to wear a different color (with the same pattern) and the corresponding guy will wear the same color vest. So the pattern was decided, the colors picked out and the fabric dropped off at our house to get started: )

The red satin Alaina chose for my dress is so pretty!!

While Mrs. Grady, Betsy and I worked on my dress, mom worked on the red vest.
Having Mrs. Grady and Betsy there was such a blessing! It definitely made things go much faster! They even brought their Bernina, that I got to sew with...Mrs. Grady let me borrow it to finish my dress and she just might never get it back: )
Stay tuned for the completed dress...and more to come: ) Mrs. Grady did get picture of it when it was almost done.

Thank you so much Mrs. Grady and Betsy!!! It was a big blessing!