Monday, August 11, 2008

The sewing has begun...

and the wedding, (Alaina informed me today) is only 82 days away: ) So it was decided that we needed to get things underway.
Each of the bridesmaids are going to wear a different color (with the same pattern) and the corresponding guy will wear the same color vest. So the pattern was decided, the colors picked out and the fabric dropped off at our house to get started: )

The red satin Alaina chose for my dress is so pretty!!

While Mrs. Grady, Betsy and I worked on my dress, mom worked on the red vest.
Having Mrs. Grady and Betsy there was such a blessing! It definitely made things go much faster! They even brought their Bernina, that I got to sew with...Mrs. Grady let me borrow it to finish my dress and she just might never get it back: )
Stay tuned for the completed dress...and more to come: ) Mrs. Grady did get picture of it when it was almost done.

Thank you so much Mrs. Grady and Betsy!!! It was a big blessing!


ladygreen said...

Like I said....any time you need help!

Lesley said...

The dress looks just gorgeous on you Anna!!! The big day isn't that far exciting!:)