Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedding fun: )

This past Saturday Samantha McClellan got married, and Esther and I along with a few others drove up to Claiton Ne to help with her reception.
A couple Wissmann's came to help, and it was so much fun having them there: )
We went not only to help set up the reception, but also manage the games for all the kids. There was quite the variety of games and the kids had a lot of fun...and so did we: )
It was also so fun to see Ashley and Lesley Hoover again! Ashley was in the wedding and Lesley was the wedding coordinator, they both looked so pretty: )

Some of the girls got a little carried away with the helium for the balloons: )
After breathing in a balloon we took this video of Alatheia! You can kind of tell when the helium started to wear was pretty funny: )


Lesley said...

Thanks so much for all your help at the wedding Pippi!!! You were such a blessing! It was so neat to watch how the Lord answered so many prayers all week...right down to the last moment! I'm so thankful you got to be a part of one of those answers!:)
I couldn't watch the movie on my computer but.....I got to see the result in person.;)
See you soon at another fun wedding!:)

ladygreen said...

Anna...I can't believe you put that video of me up! horrid! lol...

Anonymous said...

I love the video of Alatheia! Very funny!