Monday, October 27, 2008

Beasley Test Day

Well this is Esther and I am hacking Anna's blog. She has been so busy study, that she has had no time to post! She is going to take a Neonatal Resuscitation test tomorrow at the Children's Hospital. This is a class that will teach Anna how to treat baby's who are born with a lack of oxygen or breathing problems. She is taking this class because she wants to be a midwife assistant. Betsy is also taking this class so do not forget to pray for her as well! This is the biggest test Anna has ever taken! It may be the only one she has ever taken! So please remember her in
your prayers tomorrow!
Dan is also taking his baby bar so please pray for him as well!!!
I am sure you will do a great job Anna, Betsy and Dan!
Because the bible says "those who honor God I will honor" And you have honored God!
I love you Anna!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


It's been tradition that on Daddy's birthday he goes and kicks a field goal according to his age. I can't quite remember, but I think that he has pretty much made it ever year (give or take a few) but you can't be a pro forever: )
Needless to say, as the years roll by the harder it gets...
Sunday afternoon, Oct 12th, he started at the 20 yd line and worked his way back.

Phillip was the official ball holder: )

Just look at that flexibility, Daddy used to have very tight hamstrings, but with diligent's not that way any more!

Dad wasn't the only one that kicked, with our whole family there all the boys took their turn at the tee. But nobody could match their father! It was Joe that kicked the farthest of the boys with a 35 yard field goal, Caleb with little bit of luck managed an extra point, Josh on the other hand...let just say he should stick to biking. We can't pronounce Joe the victor quite yet however, as Dan wanted to, but couldn't make it this time: ) He would give Joe a run for his money, after all "a brother is born for adversity".

Elise was there to cheer her Grandpapa on: )

Dad's 40 yard field goal sailed through the posts, but he couldn't stop there, he had to take a few more steps back to kick his age...

After a couple tries we decided that he should start subtracting one instead of adding!

Good job Daddy!
Thank you for living the example of one who "fears God and shuns evil" and still has a lot of fun!
I love you Daddy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Follow the yellow brick road...

Elsie Wittmann, our Cousin's daughter had her 3rd birthday party to the theme of "The Wizard of Oz"
Elsie was so darling, she even had little red shoes: )
After the move we went over to Mike & Amanda's house for Elsie's party. It was really nice to see Amanda again..she is so sweet and a lot of fun!
She did a wonderful job planning and decorating for the party, the kids played a few games related to "The Wizard of Oz"
Pete (Elsie's older brother)

Quite a bit of mom's side of the family were there and it was nice to get "caught up"
Happy Birthday (a little late) Elsie!
Thank you for inviting us Amanda! It was very fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Moving day for Josh

Josh moved into his new apartment Friday October 3rd.
After filling our 15 passenger van and the trailer he and Alaina drove out to Lincoln to get the key and open it up. We followed later to help unload. Josh got a job with Duncan Aviation, so now he's just waiting to get married and have Alaina move in...

Elise really wanted to come and see her Uncle's new house: ) Actually our cousin's Mike & Amanda's daugter Elsie was having her 3rd birthday party that day and since they live in Lincoln it all worked out nicely (I have pictures to post about that soon)

Unloading boxes..

Hauling the bed
Holding small cuteness: )

And relaxing after it's all done: )

Happy new House/Apartment Josh!
(or however you say it)

The Williams

The Williams had our family over a couple weeks ago..and if I hadn't been so inconsistent and sporadic about blogging I would have posted by now: )
They had us over for an fun evening of fellowship, food, games, ping-pong and whatever else popped into our minds...

Chicken and Biscuit (the dogs) were a huge hit with our little people: )

Katie, their daughter took me around and showed me all her secret hiding places: )
Climbing trees was one of those things that "popped" into the boys minds. Josh and Phillip went as high as they possibly could...much to Alaina's dismay (she was afraid that Josh would break his neck right before the wedding)

Josh and Phillip

Another interesting game, I don't know the name of it, but you would throw two balls connected by a string and try to get them to wrap around the stand thingy in the picture below....whatever it was, it was pretty fun.
Mr. and Mrs. Abel's, Liz's parents and next door neighbors joined us and after eating a delicious spread of pork chops, corn, salad and rolls, we retired to the basement to end the evening with Round Robin and ping pong matches.

Everybody played...this picture was taken after people had already gotten out: )
Thank you so much William's we had a blast: )

Monday, October 6, 2008

Alaina's Bridal Shower

This past Tuesday we threw a bridal party for Alaina at our church! Mrs. Grady did a wonderful job of blogging it, so I won't go and say the same things but just tell you to click HERE!

John's Birthday Party

John's 11th birthday was on September 29th! The Grady's and Matychuk's came over in the evening to help us celebrate!
The evening started out to a vigorous start...relay races!
Even the dad's joined in the fun!
Mom's list of birthday games to play included;
Running relay, egg -on-a-spoon relay, prison ball and the all time favorite, the Three legged races

The dad's opted to sit out on this one and let the kids battle it out!
After one BIG race they sifted us out into big and little kids. It was pretty tight competition!

Steve and B made for interesting pair

Betsy and I, naturally were together: )

Abby going barefoot, took a great step of trust with Caleb who wore shoes.
(She must really like him*smile*)

Ready. Set. Go!

As the night was getting chilly and feet were tired (of getting stepped on in 3 legged races, Abby wasn't the only one *smile*) we retired to the bonfire to open presents.
It didn't take long though to get warmed and rested up for one of the funnest games of capture the flag ever: )
Thank you Grady's and Matychuk's for making John's birthday so special!