Monday, October 13, 2008

Moving day for Josh

Josh moved into his new apartment Friday October 3rd.
After filling our 15 passenger van and the trailer he and Alaina drove out to Lincoln to get the key and open it up. We followed later to help unload. Josh got a job with Duncan Aviation, so now he's just waiting to get married and have Alaina move in...

Elise really wanted to come and see her Uncle's new house: ) Actually our cousin's Mike & Amanda's daugter Elsie was having her 3rd birthday party that day and since they live in Lincoln it all worked out nicely (I have pictures to post about that soon)

Unloading boxes..

Hauling the bed
Holding small cuteness: )

And relaxing after it's all done: )

Happy new House/Apartment Josh!
(or however you say it)

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ladygreen said...

Wow! That first picture is increadible! Did you take it?