Monday, October 13, 2008

The Williams

The Williams had our family over a couple weeks ago..and if I hadn't been so inconsistent and sporadic about blogging I would have posted by now: )
They had us over for an fun evening of fellowship, food, games, ping-pong and whatever else popped into our minds...

Chicken and Biscuit (the dogs) were a huge hit with our little people: )

Katie, their daughter took me around and showed me all her secret hiding places: )
Climbing trees was one of those things that "popped" into the boys minds. Josh and Phillip went as high as they possibly could...much to Alaina's dismay (she was afraid that Josh would break his neck right before the wedding)

Josh and Phillip

Another interesting game, I don't know the name of it, but you would throw two balls connected by a string and try to get them to wrap around the stand thingy in the picture below....whatever it was, it was pretty fun.
Mr. and Mrs. Abel's, Liz's parents and next door neighbors joined us and after eating a delicious spread of pork chops, corn, salad and rolls, we retired to the basement to end the evening with Round Robin and ping pong matches.

Everybody played...this picture was taken after people had already gotten out: )
Thank you so much William's we had a blast: )

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ashley said...

Hey Pippi!
That goes by a couple names, Ladder Ball or Ladder Golf. Looks like you had lots of fun!