Monday, October 20, 2008


It's been tradition that on Daddy's birthday he goes and kicks a field goal according to his age. I can't quite remember, but I think that he has pretty much made it ever year (give or take a few) but you can't be a pro forever: )
Needless to say, as the years roll by the harder it gets...
Sunday afternoon, Oct 12th, he started at the 20 yd line and worked his way back.

Phillip was the official ball holder: )

Just look at that flexibility, Daddy used to have very tight hamstrings, but with diligent's not that way any more!

Dad wasn't the only one that kicked, with our whole family there all the boys took their turn at the tee. But nobody could match their father! It was Joe that kicked the farthest of the boys with a 35 yard field goal, Caleb with little bit of luck managed an extra point, Josh on the other hand...let just say he should stick to biking. We can't pronounce Joe the victor quite yet however, as Dan wanted to, but couldn't make it this time: ) He would give Joe a run for his money, after all "a brother is born for adversity".

Elise was there to cheer her Grandpapa on: )

Dad's 40 yard field goal sailed through the posts, but he couldn't stop there, he had to take a few more steps back to kick his age...

After a couple tries we decided that he should start subtracting one instead of adding!

Good job Daddy!
Thank you for living the example of one who "fears God and shuns evil" and still has a lot of fun!
I love you Daddy!

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