Wednesday, February 23, 2011


...I was sewing (something that I've been doing a lot of recently) and I was feeling quite chipper.  You see I leave tomorrow to see my wonderful brother and his wife! And I was anticipating the amazing time that is sure to be had with such a combo--just that thought alone would make anybody happy-- *smile*  But that wasn't all,  I was almost done with all my sewing that I had to get done before I leave--and this thought alone is enough to dance for joy over--, and I was thinking that I needed to pull out my flip-flops because when I leave VA I'm not headed home...I'm headed to Florida!  Yep, that's right!  Aren't you jealous?  I know I would be if I wasn't the one typing this!

BUT anyway, not to get I was thinking one thought led to another and pretty soon I was thinking of a bunch of little things that I was grateful for right then.  So since it never hurts to be grateful I thought I would share some of them with you...

  • hair flowers!  Especially bright pink ones:)
  • sharp scissors 
  • friends who give me really good reasons to make a trip to FL
  • flip-flops
  • kefir (if you know me at all you had to see this one coming)
  • homemade raspberry jelly (I don't know where we got it...but it sure is good)
  • my iTouch to liven up the silence
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • guitars, and a brother to play them with

So...what's something you're grateful for?  Don't think about it, just type the first thing that comes into your mind:)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Setters of Catan

...It can be a fun game! 
 (If you've never heard of it I'm sorry...but trust me, it's way too complicated to explain on a blog!)

This past Saturday was the Catan Tournament--at our house!  Mr. Hess, (also my wonderful piano teacher) organizes it, keeps it running smoothly, adds a touch of humor and sends out billions of e-mails full of stats afterwards.

I love this picture!  I took it from our loft, looking down on our living room--yes, we have a very cool house:)

It's four people to a game and we had 36 people.  If you do the math right that makes about 9 different games/tables.  So if you were to walk around our house pretty much every flat space was taken up with dedicated Catan players.

It started promptly at 10:00am (well, maybe not so promptly, but it sounds better that way)

Before round two started there was a break for lunch!!  (YUM)  

But me, I prefer dessert!!!  *smile*

Settler's of Catan can be a very strategic game.  Now I use that term very loosely because it depends a lot on who you are talking to. 

For some the tournament includes lots of food...

...for some it's a social event, not super fast paced so it makes for some good conversation.  

...and for some...well let's just say talking isn't really allowed, and before each piece is laid considerable thought has been taken to make sure that the location is the best possible. (basically if you like the social part of it never play with my mother--she defines what competitive means) 

But I'm sure there was plenty of talking at this table...right Josiah?!? *smile* but of course I'm sure there was plenty of strategy as well!  And I will take this moment to say that Josiah is very proud to state that he is the only person to attend every Catan Tournament--and that means he's been to 16 of them--whew, that's dedication!

I have played at these events on and off.  And I was expecting to play at this one, but there was a goof somewhere...but I didn't mind!  It meant that I got to spend the afternoon with these darlings!

-The little Man



The last 3 pictures are my favorite:)  I am truly the most blessed girl in the entire world--and not only because I have the most adorable nephew and nieces!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday Good News Club!  And I have to confess that sometimes it's not exactly the highlight of my week.  Sometimes the kids are rowdy, and normally I've had a full day and so I don't exactly have a lot of energy.  But it's AMAZING what God can do when you cry out to Him for wisdom, cheerfulness and simply the strength to make it through!

I love our GNC kids.

Yes, they are challenging sometimes, but challenges are good.  It's all in the way you look at it.  A friend just told me the other day "you can always find something to praise God about." And how true that is!

Yes, I'm holding an egg!  But get this; a story about 2 boys, 2 eggs and 1 big city made our normally chatty kids silent, the fidgety ones still.  You could have heard a pin drop in the usually noisy room. And believe me when I tell you that silence in our GNC room is very, very rare.  As I looked over the faces I noticed that tears were on the brink of spilling down the their cheeks.

It's amazing to me how God can work through a simple story!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to make the perfect pattern...

1. Decide what you want your end result to look like. 

2. Select a fabric that works well, with what you think the end result will look like, or if you want an extra dose of patience pick something that you totally love but isn't exactly "ideal" will give you experience with different fabric and you'll be grateful in the end:)

3. Arm yourself with a TON of patience!!!  *this is essential*

4. Realize that it might take a couple tries before you find the "perfect look"-- and a 'couple tries' might be too generous of a word:)

5. Put on some music -- another essential, silence does not lend itself to thinking

6.  Make sure you have plenty of 'trial fabric', but make sure you take into consideration that trial fabric probably won't lay the same...

7. Grab a friend, preferably one who the item is for, and make them stand for hours as you pleat, re-pleat, adjust, re-adjust, pin, re-pin.  And let them know that you expect them to be constantly cheerful and if you poke them with a pin that jumping is not allowed because that might alter something.  Oh, and if they could occasionally give encouraging remarks and helpful suggestions that is always appreciated!  And another thing...a little humor now and again is wonderful, so pick someone that makes you laugh.  Now you might be thinking that such a model is never to be found...but I found one, and so you can too!

8. Plunge in head first!  Once you start...finish!!

9. When (not "if") you start to wonder why you ever decided to make your own pattern, turn up the fiddle music, eat a cookie, take a deep breath and SCREAM...actually don't!  Screaming never does anything except annoy the people you're with and worry those your not.  So instead of screaming, take break!  Go workout, play a game, eat some food, get a back rub, tell some jokes...and then dive right back in:)

10. Keep's good for you!

11. When (not "if") you finish, step back and admire your hard work!  Show it to everyone.  Post it on your blog.  Text pictures to your family members that live far away.  Twirl around the house.  Eat a big dish of ice cream to celebrate.  And then take your pattern, give it a name, patten it and sell it!  :)

And the last step...

12. Never, never, never, try this at home!  But then again...never say never:)

Maybe someday I will do a post on how actually to design your own pattern... *smile*
(And I can't wait to post pictures of the completed project...but that will have to be after the wedding...)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friendship is...

...being accepted unconditionally. dessert and two forks.

...laughing about the same things.

...never running out of things to talk about.

...borrowing each other's clothes.

...having someone to cheer you on.

...picking up right where you left off.

...there when you need it.  *smile*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two years ago...

It was like a fairy-tale, and she was the princess 
Her bright red hair, her pure white dress-- 
She was smiling as she looked into his eyes

His face lit up as he soaked it in
It was the day that he had dreamed of
Happily ever after was just about to begin

You wove their lives together
What was two had now become one
Love was all around them, a new journey just begun

And I saw You there
In the midst of all the joy it was so clear
Your love was all around
I saw You there


A dark suit replaced the white one
His smile turned to tears
But in spite of all the pain--something stayed the same

The nights felt like forever
The sun seemed hid from view
And though life was changing, Your promises remained

There was a Rock that never moved
Arms that were so strong, 
Wings that covered me--with a love that knew no bounds

And I saw You there
In midst of all the pain You were so clear
Your love was all around
I saw You there


"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in Whom I trust."
Psalm 91:1-2