Monday, February 21, 2011

Setters of Catan

...It can be a fun game! 
 (If you've never heard of it I'm sorry...but trust me, it's way too complicated to explain on a blog!)

This past Saturday was the Catan Tournament--at our house!  Mr. Hess, (also my wonderful piano teacher) organizes it, keeps it running smoothly, adds a touch of humor and sends out billions of e-mails full of stats afterwards.

I love this picture!  I took it from our loft, looking down on our living room--yes, we have a very cool house:)

It's four people to a game and we had 36 people.  If you do the math right that makes about 9 different games/tables.  So if you were to walk around our house pretty much every flat space was taken up with dedicated Catan players.

It started promptly at 10:00am (well, maybe not so promptly, but it sounds better that way)

Before round two started there was a break for lunch!!  (YUM)  

But me, I prefer dessert!!!  *smile*

Settler's of Catan can be a very strategic game.  Now I use that term very loosely because it depends a lot on who you are talking to. 

For some the tournament includes lots of food...

...for some it's a social event, not super fast paced so it makes for some good conversation.  

...and for some...well let's just say talking isn't really allowed, and before each piece is laid considerable thought has been taken to make sure that the location is the best possible. (basically if you like the social part of it never play with my mother--she defines what competitive means) 

But I'm sure there was plenty of talking at this table...right Josiah?!? *smile* but of course I'm sure there was plenty of strategy as well!  And I will take this moment to say that Josiah is very proud to state that he is the only person to attend every Catan Tournament--and that means he's been to 16 of them--whew, that's dedication!

I have played at these events on and off.  And I was expecting to play at this one, but there was a goof somewhere...but I didn't mind!  It meant that I got to spend the afternoon with these darlings!

-The little Man



The last 3 pictures are my favorite:)  I am truly the most blessed girl in the entire world--and not only because I have the most adorable nephew and nieces!


Charity U said...

Nice pictures! I too would be happy to pass up the game for those sweeties. :)

Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

That looks like SO much fun! My family loves Catan... this may be a new event we will have to do at our next reunion :)
How fun to spend time with family and friends. Those kiddos are adorable! But I'm sorry... I may have you beat for the cutest nephews and nieces :D

Julianne said...

Oh my goodness I love this game! Between some family friends and my family we have a couple of the expansion packs....too fun!

I may have to agree with Lydia and argue for the cutest nieces :) But I'm sure we are all a little bias and I don't have any nephews so Edmund can win that award! :)

Leah said...

Are you courting, Anna? :)

The Grady Family said...

Thanks for letting B play. He had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the odd one out. I don't like this game. I prefer fast, action-packed games like "Frustration".

MAZZOU (Marjolaine) said...

If you like Settlers of Cataan, you should really try TICKET TO RIDE!!! (Europe version, by Days of Wonder!)