Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Program

~Warming up~


~Fixing hair~


~Our sweet little Mary~

~Tying belts~

~Pinning the Wise Man's turban~


~And finally the performance~

Monday, December 8, 2008

Special Keepsakes

This is a sweet nightgown for a little girl and her dolly: )

Caitlin was so sweet and modeled it for me *smile*

What do you think?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Master's Hand Candle Co. and Gift Shop!

Susie had her open house for her candle shop on Sat.
There were a lot of candles...
Esther was chosen to be a salesperson for another lady's stand that sold
wheat and gluten free products.

Alatheia played fiddle as background music, it was so pretty!

I had a little stand where I sold little girl dresses with a dress for their doll to match!
I even got a few custom orders!

Grace and Nicole...they probably can't believe it's over: )

Keep checkin' back for pictures of the little dresses...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City was so much fun, every building had pretty lights. It was so pretty after dark! We got there a little before it opened and left after it was closed!
It was so much more then we expected...there were some really fun roller coasters (my personal favorite) and a lot of shops which sold different things that were made right before your eyes. Silver Dollar City was so big that we were very grateful the Wissmann's came and showed us around! They made for pretty good roller coaster buddy's too: )

One of my favorites was the pottery shop!

The lady was amazing!
I had never seen anyone do pottery before first hand!
Going down into "Grandfathers house" a place that all the floors are slanted so when you looked in the mirror it seemed you were standing at a perpetual can't quite describe was weird.

..they finally got caught..
When we got there it was pretty cold and drizzling!

The "Barn Swing" it was one of my favorite things to do!

Thanks Bethany for the use of your coat and head band thingy

Trip to Branson!

This past weekend our "new" family (that is without any of the older boys) took a wonderful trip to Branson MO!

The Wissmann's are down there for about 2 months so we decided to go and visit them, watch their show, visit Silver Dollar City and have a nice family time! It was everything we expected and more! I tried to take pictures of the Wissmann's while they were perfoming but they didn't turn out very well so you can visit The Wissmann's blog to see some good ones!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gift Opening

A little over a week after the wedding, fresh from their honeymoon and settling into their new apartment, Josh and Alaina hosted a gift opening at the Club House in their apart. complex.

Mr. & Mrs. Beasley: )

The enthusiastic was very exciting at the beginning but as the evening wore on....we lost the attention of some...

...but not everyone..
...especially not the bride and groom...

...but some of the older ones were getting distracted...with a good reason: )

Friday, November 7, 2008


I don't have many pictures of the wedding...I sort of forgot to take pictures! But this will give you a glimpse!

All the cute shoes!

Getting ready! Only hours away from becoming Mrs. Beasley

Waiting cheerfully!

All ready to go!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wedding/Rehersal dinner prep

Decorating, setting tables, cooking food, laughing with friends were all part of getting the Rehersal Dinner ready! We had such a wonderful group of helpers!

Setting the table

Fixing the "flowergirl wagon"

Marking tape for where the bridal party would stand during the ceremony
Precious moments with Elise

Grandma and Grandpa came all the way from Minnesota

Peeling 30lb's of potato's!
A big thank you to everyone who helped to make the occasion special!
I would say I will try to post wedding pictures tomorrow, but it is always best not to make promises.

DeFord Football party

Whew! I haven't posted in quite a while: ) Thank you for being patient, and staying with me! As my excuse, I have been really busy! The wedding was last week, Dan was home, I had my neonatal class (which went very well, thank you all for praying!) and got sick to boot.

But before all the busy flurry of activity the DeFord's had their annual football party out in Perry, Ne. It was very fun! The guys played football and the girls watched, cheered or went shopping: )

The guys started it off a little rough.
It's a good thing that Alaina wasn't there, with the wedding just over a week away she would have flipped (and rightfully so) if Josh got a black eye or some other injury.

They played football for a very long time, (and Josh didn't hardly get scratched, thank goodness!)

After football we went over to the church, had supper and settled down to some very energetic games!

The first game was a version of "Hot Potato". Someone played the piano while everyone else passed different objects around. When the music ended whoever was still holding an object was out.
The second game was Musical Chairs. It was to say the least very rigorous! Boy that room was hot when we were done: )

It narrowed down pretty quickly. Thank you DeFord's for your hospitality!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Beasley Test Day

Well this is Esther and I am hacking Anna's blog. She has been so busy study, that she has had no time to post! She is going to take a Neonatal Resuscitation test tomorrow at the Children's Hospital. This is a class that will teach Anna how to treat baby's who are born with a lack of oxygen or breathing problems. She is taking this class because she wants to be a midwife assistant. Betsy is also taking this class so do not forget to pray for her as well! This is the biggest test Anna has ever taken! It may be the only one she has ever taken! So please remember her in
your prayers tomorrow!
Dan is also taking his baby bar so please pray for him as well!!!
I am sure you will do a great job Anna, Betsy and Dan!
Because the bible says "those who honor God I will honor" And you have honored God!
I love you Anna!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


It's been tradition that on Daddy's birthday he goes and kicks a field goal according to his age. I can't quite remember, but I think that he has pretty much made it ever year (give or take a few) but you can't be a pro forever: )
Needless to say, as the years roll by the harder it gets...
Sunday afternoon, Oct 12th, he started at the 20 yd line and worked his way back.

Phillip was the official ball holder: )

Just look at that flexibility, Daddy used to have very tight hamstrings, but with diligent's not that way any more!

Dad wasn't the only one that kicked, with our whole family there all the boys took their turn at the tee. But nobody could match their father! It was Joe that kicked the farthest of the boys with a 35 yard field goal, Caleb with little bit of luck managed an extra point, Josh on the other hand...let just say he should stick to biking. We can't pronounce Joe the victor quite yet however, as Dan wanted to, but couldn't make it this time: ) He would give Joe a run for his money, after all "a brother is born for adversity".

Elise was there to cheer her Grandpapa on: )

Dad's 40 yard field goal sailed through the posts, but he couldn't stop there, he had to take a few more steps back to kick his age...

After a couple tries we decided that he should start subtracting one instead of adding!

Good job Daddy!
Thank you for living the example of one who "fears God and shuns evil" and still has a lot of fun!
I love you Daddy!