Thursday, November 6, 2008

DeFord Football party

Whew! I haven't posted in quite a while: ) Thank you for being patient, and staying with me! As my excuse, I have been really busy! The wedding was last week, Dan was home, I had my neonatal class (which went very well, thank you all for praying!) and got sick to boot.

But before all the busy flurry of activity the DeFord's had their annual football party out in Perry, Ne. It was very fun! The guys played football and the girls watched, cheered or went shopping: )

The guys started it off a little rough.
It's a good thing that Alaina wasn't there, with the wedding just over a week away she would have flipped (and rightfully so) if Josh got a black eye or some other injury.

They played football for a very long time, (and Josh didn't hardly get scratched, thank goodness!)

After football we went over to the church, had supper and settled down to some very energetic games!

The first game was a version of "Hot Potato". Someone played the piano while everyone else passed different objects around. When the music ended whoever was still holding an object was out.
The second game was Musical Chairs. It was to say the least very rigorous! Boy that room was hot when we were done: )

It narrowed down pretty quickly. Thank you DeFord's for your hospitality!

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