Saturday, November 22, 2008

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City was so much fun, every building had pretty lights. It was so pretty after dark! We got there a little before it opened and left after it was closed!
It was so much more then we expected...there were some really fun roller coasters (my personal favorite) and a lot of shops which sold different things that were made right before your eyes. Silver Dollar City was so big that we were very grateful the Wissmann's came and showed us around! They made for pretty good roller coaster buddy's too: )

One of my favorites was the pottery shop!

The lady was amazing!
I had never seen anyone do pottery before first hand!
Going down into "Grandfathers house" a place that all the floors are slanted so when you looked in the mirror it seemed you were standing at a perpetual can't quite describe was weird.

..they finally got caught..
When we got there it was pretty cold and drizzling!

The "Barn Swing" it was one of my favorite things to do!

Thanks Bethany for the use of your coat and head band thingy

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ladygreen said...

*sigh* Your post is so much more interesting and informative. I'm being miserably outdone! lol.
It was great fun down there with you guys.