Monday, March 30, 2009

He Is Faithful

God has been SO faithful all this past week!

Many, many times before and during NCHEA I felt overwhelmed and didn't think it was going to come together!  But once again God showed Himself strong, and worked in ways above and beyond my expectations!  There are so many examples that I won't share them all with you, but I will share one quick one.  With so many props it is really easy to lose the small ones, and several times while trying to organize the props for each scene I just couldn't find some of them.  But every time (sometimes just up to the last minute) they would "turn up" just in time!

What an encouraging weekend it was!!  I (once again) didn't take that many pictures but at least others did!

Thank you to everyone who prayed!!!

We serve an Awesome God!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It was so fun this past week to be able to spend several days with the Wissmann's!  The excuse this time was, so we could do NCHEA prep work!  What a blast we had....and we did manage to get lot done as well!  But a downside was, that we were just having to much fun that I totally forgot to take pictures of the prairie that we painted, or the town that Elizabeth and Ruth put together.  Bethany did manage to take quite a few pictures (imagine that) and you can view them HERE!
"The best sweetener of human life is...

Thank you Wissmann's for a wonderful time!!!
"Confidence in someone's future 
reliability is grounded 
in a history of past faithfulness"
-John Piper

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A day in the country...

Helping get the horses saddled up: )

Gathering things for NCHEA--what fun it was to search thru his barns and sheds for all sorts of different things!

Taking a quick break...

Riding horses!!!!  
Alatheia came out with us to give her expert advice on props!  

Thank you so much Uncle Doug and Aunt Scherry!!!  We love you both!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In the Valley

When you lead me to the valley of vision
I can see You in the heights
And though my humbling wouldn't be my decision
It's here Your glory shines so bright
So let me learn that the cross precedes the crown 
To be low is to be high
That the valley's where You make me more like Christ
Let me find You grace in the Valley
Le me find Your life in my death
Let me find Your joy in my sorrow
You wealth in my need
That You're near with every breath 
In the valley!

In the daytime there are stars in the heavens
But they only shine at night
And the deeper that I go into darkness
The more I see their radiant light
So let me learn that my losses are my gain
To be broken is to heal
That the valley's where Your power is revealed

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Anchor Holds

Tho' the angry surges roll, on my tempest driven soul, 
I am peaceful for I know, wildly thought the winds may blow, 
Iv'e an anchor safe and sure that can evermore endure.

 And it holds, my anchor holds, Blow your wildest then, O gale,
On my bark so small and frail, by His grace I shall not fail, 
For my anchor holds, my anchor holds!
Troubles almost 'whelm the soul; griefs like billows o'er me roll, 
tempters seek to lure astray, storms obscure the light of day.
But in Christ I can be bold, I've an anchor that shall hold!

"We who have taken refuge would have strong 
encouragement to take hold of the hope set before us.
This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure 
and steadfast and one which enters within the veil."
Hebrews 6:18b-19

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Every once and a while Abby, Betsy and I get together and go shopping, out to eat..something like that.  This time however we opted to watch a movie about shopping instead of doing it ourselves!!

"The Confessions of a Shopaholic" had us laughing like crazy together!!  We had the whole theatre to ourselves so we could make as many comments as we liked!!  What fun!!  
The "short and snappy movie review" Betsy put together was excellent.  Except, she did forget to mention that, for those of you who like cool accents...this movie had a great one!!! 

Thank you Betsy and Abby for a very fun evening!!

Side note; if you are hoping that this movie will help to cure your love for shopping...pick a different movie. *smile*

Thursday, March 5, 2009

God remains with us in these
dark places and valleys,
even when we feel out of 
control, lost and angry.
-R. Miller

So do not fear, for I am with you
do not be dismayed, 
for I am your God.  
I will strengthen you and help you; 
I will uphold you with my 
righteous right hand.
               - Isaiah 41:10

Can it really be?


It can't be.
It just can't be.

Someone I love is gone
and my life is shattered 
into a million pieces.

I want everything back
the way it used to be.
 God are you there?
Are you listening?

I want my loved one back.
I'm not ready
to let go.
-Author Unknown