Saturday, March 21, 2009

A day in the country...

Helping get the horses saddled up: )

Gathering things for NCHEA--what fun it was to search thru his barns and sheds for all sorts of different things!

Taking a quick break...

Riding horses!!!!  
Alatheia came out with us to give her expert advice on props!  

Thank you so much Uncle Doug and Aunt Scherry!!!  We love you both!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh....I LOVE this post Anna!!! Looks like SO.... MUCH fun!!! I only wish I could have come with you! I love all the pictures of the horses! I'm sure you found some amazing props at Uncle Doug's house! That was a great idea! I'm glad you got to go! I'm sure it was very fun for you! Your in my prayers!

Love Ya TONS!