Monday, March 31, 2008

CPR...or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: )...

This past Sat. Alicia N., Anna N., Betsy, Hannah and I had the opportunity to take a First Aid/CPR and AED class at the Red Cross. It was a very fun and memorable occasion!

First we started out with the infant/child CPR. We got to practice on each other first before using the dummies. Check, Call, Care, are the three steps that you go through.

::Saving a baby's life::
Anna giving "back blows" (she was pretty good at that) *smile*
Betsy checking for "signs of life" on the little dummy

Alicia, giving "rescue breathing" to a "child" Doing CPR: )
The First Aid part of the class was very helpful. We learned how to help people with; hypothermia, heat strokes, burns, punctures...the list goes on.
So now if you have an ailment of any kind you know where to go: )

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Only God holds the future, and when you have found Him, you might not know what your future holds, but you will have the blessed security of knowing Who holds you, now and forever."
~R.G. LeTourneaus

Shall we dance....?

The Riverdance was one of the main highlights of our trip to Texas! And was it ever a highlight! We left Uncle Marks house at about 4:30pm to go and pick up Aunt Cathy at work. We ate at a place called "Spring Creek Barbaque", Betsy and I both spilt a rib dinner....and was it good! We even manged to keep our white shirts clean! The Riverdance didn't start till 8:00, so as we had time to spare after dinner we decided to do some quick shopping. There was a store just across the street called "Ross" dress for less, it was a very fun store...lots of shoes and purses! I found an adorable purse but it seemed that "dress for less" didn't fit this praticular purse..oh well: )

The Riverdance was all I had imagined and MORE! It was so cool! A couple of the highlights were; the fiddler guy, he was incredible!! His fingers just went SO fast! He played some by himself and it was just amazing! Also the feet of the dancers put with the lively music just made you want to clap and dance (if I knew how to tap dance) right with them! Their feet moved so fast it was incredible!!! I thourghly enjoyed the entire thing!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

An interesting activity!

Thursday morning dawned bright and early! We had the choice to sleep in but thought that that would be a waste of good daylight. So we got up and ready and decided what to do with our morning. Uncle Mark was working a half day so we had the house to ourselves till 12:00. So we ended up watching "Miss Potter" the story of Beatrice Potter, and a couple "I Love Lucy's". When Uncle Mark came home he took us out for lunch to Chik-fil-a, it was very good and very filling! We then headed home to try our hands at a totally new experience!! Golfing! (I bet your laughing now: ) And it was real golfing not putt-putt!
::It was a very pretty golf course, and a gourgeous day, slightly windy as you can see the hair flying, but otherwise it was a perfect day for golf! (In our professional opion):: *smile*

Uncle Mark was a excellent instructor and with his directions it went pretty well...although I have discovered a liking for fishing the balls out of the water: )

Posing the "proper" way for the camera.

Uncle Mark showing how it is supposed to be done!

Betsy and I attempting to do it right: )

It is deffenitly harder then it looks!! There are so many things to remeber it's a wonder we hit the ball at all: )

Things to remeber, keep our head down, follow through with the swing, keep the left arm straight....and try to aim towards the little hole: )

Thank you Uncle Mark for teaching us!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A first time experience!!!

After arriving at the airport with plenty of time to spare, we found out that it didn't take an hour and a half to check our baggage and go through security: ) So we sat and enjoyed the company of mom, Mrs. Grady, Abby and Caitlin for a few minutes more. After a tearful goodbye on their parts (because they weren't going) we headed down to security. The man there could immediatly tell that that was going to be my first flight! He could also tell that we were already having fun!! (Which of course we were!)
::Betsy looking cute::
:: The view from the plane::
::Me enjoying my snacks::
The flight shall I put it....THRILLING! We were each served a can of Sierra Mist and a small bag of snack mix! (It was needless to say very good!!) We thought we were going to the Riverdance as soon as we got there, so we were all dressed up for the occasion. But we found out upon landing that the Riverdance was not till the next night.
Both of us standing in front of Uncle Marks house!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am ready to go!!

Well I am all (mostly) paked for Texas! The plane leaves today at 3:35! I have been checking the weather a bunch these past few days and it seems that it will be absolutly gorgeous there, like 72ยบ (give or take a few degrees). I just can't wait!

This is my Uncle Mark & Aunt Cathy, we will be staying with them while we are down there! I will probably post while I am there so keep checking. : ) But then I again I may just be having too much fun to do anything on the computer! *smile*
Have a nice week!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wiffle ball anyone?

One of Daddy's favorite things to do when he was little, was play wiffle ball with his brother, he did a good job of passing on his zeal for the plastic bat and ball! After a long break for winter the boys were very anxious to get out and play again! When mom decided to play she corralled us all to go out (whether we liked or not) and get some fresh air. What started out as 'have to' soon switched to a very competetive game.....I mean when is it anything else when mom is playing?

Phillip samcking one to deep left!

John taking a swing not quite as far as Phillip but a nice hit

The teams were, Mom, John and Esther against Phillip, Stephen and myself. It was a good game! I think the score was 6-3, my team won! The cheeks were tingling and the noses red as we finally picked up the things and headed for the house. We just can't wait till it's a little warmer so it will be light a little longer, and not quite so nippy. So on a beautiful summer day feel free to come on over and join us in a fun game of wiffle ball...we can always use more players: )

A game of life: )

This afternoon all of us kids (at home) sat down to play the game of Life. After a whole week of just me and friends, it was nice to play a game with my brothers and sister: )

Friday, March 14, 2008

A new way to study: )

Alaina came over this week and I thought I would quick snap this picture. I thought it was sweet.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Alatheia!

Happy Birthday 17th Alatheia!!

I hope you have a Wonderful Day!
It has been such fun knowing each other since we were six! Thats over ten years! I will never forget all the scrapes we have gotten throwing rotten strawberrys onto the window....or all the fun time that we have had together...going to bed at six so we could get up at midnight to watch P&P...or playing numerous games of costumes up in your long lost attic..not to mention selling a ton of bread to raise money for our first costumes at age 12...or running off to your woods to be the famed
"Triple Trinangles". I will never forget any of them!

Thank you for being such a GREAT friend!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tickled Pink

These are the cards I made today! Anna Nelson came over today and we made some really cute cards!!!! You can tell what the color theme was!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Off into the Sunrise

Well I did take some pictures but they aren't loading for some reason....But anyway.
The family left today at about 7:00am for Oklahoma City for the whole week! The little guys were thrilled! They got a nice hotel that has an indoor pool that they were elated about. I am on the other hand facing a very boring unfilled week....actully just the opposite!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Overnight visit

This last Thursday Esther and I got to go to the Rehms house overnight till the skating party the next day. It was very fun we got back to the Rehms house at about 8:30pm we set up are beds and watched "Love's Unending Legacy".

The next morning was a very active morning. We had to leave at 11:15 for the skating party, and Bekah had a lady coming at 10:00 to look at Blackjack, who was up for sale! It was a good a moring though because the lady that came to look at the horse decided to buy him. Bekah has been trying to sell him since last summer. So that was a big answer to prayer.
Esther and Julia had a fun time playing "American Girl" dolls, they wouldn't let me they said it was a very fun story plot.

A Burst of Sunshine!

Grandma walked upstairs and I snaped this picture real quick. (note the shoes)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scrapbook Page

I am making a scrapbook for my great-aunt, and here is one of the pages that I just got done!

Supprise Party

Last Saturday (March 1st) Grace W. , Ellie S. and I car pooled out to Shudak's house for a supprise party for Miranda! We drove to a gas station close to the Shudaks house, where Liz, Laura and Grace Brown, Maggie Pena, and Brianna were waiting. Mr. and Mrs. Shudak were also there, waiting for us to follow them to the house a back way so Miranda wouldn't see us. When we got to the house we certainly supprised or should I say scared Miranda, but once she recovered she was glad to see us!

Mr. Shudak had an amazing scavenger hunt prepared for us that would take us all over Nebraska City. Not only did we have great fun finding the clues, but we also learned quite a bit of history of Neb. City. Meghan S. and Liz Brown were both on my team. Each team was given a list of things to find and a map of Neb. City. So as we started out at the house (and we only had a hour and a half to find 26 clues and meet back at a local McDonalds, plus two bonus clues) we started to look at the the different information that we had to have and or take a picture of.

Some of the clues were;
-There is a building in Nebraska City that has a 1680 Bible on display. Can you find it? (5points)
-What year did Joy Morton finish this 52 room mansion? (6points)
-Get a picture of someone wearing a gold kings crown. Each picture is worth 2 points.

(I hope you don't mind Liz)
-Somebody parked an old keelboat int the area, can you find it? (8points)

-Nebraska is part of the old west. It should not be that hard to get a picture of a girl ready for a round up.

These are just some of the questions. After we had finished and ordered some pop at McDonalds, we added up the points to see which team was the winner. (drumroll please....)
It was team #2! Which was my team! Great job Liz and Meghan, you were a great team!
When we were finished we decided that a party wouldn't be complete without some shopping. And in a small town who could resist the little shops? Certainly not me!

Miranda looking through the clearence rakes, (the best way to go!)

When we had "shopped till we dropped" or just got hungry enough, we went back to the house where Mrs. Shudak had a wonderful dinner ready! It was so good!! Salad, veggie tray, chicken lasgana, sparkling white grape juice and chips, who could ask for more?

The lovely table!

Miranda opening her gifts.
After she was through Mrs. Shudak brought out the cake! And it wasn't just any was a Dairy Queen ice cream cake! (My personal favorite)

What a wonderfully sweet way to end the day!!!!

Quick Quote

Dan said to me this morning;
"I thought I was wrong once......but I was mistaken."

What would I do without brothers?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cute Dress!

Here is one of my recent dresses! I gave it to Caitlin G. She wore it yesterday and looked so cute!!!

Go Roadrunners!!

We got to the gym just in time to hang up the banner and try to find seats! It was soooo crowded!

This was the last home game of the year and we were playing our biggest rivals, "The Omaha Lightning"! It was bound to be a great game. The Junior High started the evening off and lost by a mere three points, the score was 33-36 it was a close game!
The JV played next and they also played a great game and almost won, but lost by three again! Was this to be the pattern of the whole evening? We desperatly hoped not!
The next on the agenda was honouring the Seniors and their parents. So along with our own Roadrunner seniors they also honored the seniors from the Omaha Warrior girls B-ball team. The Seniors from the roadrunners were;
Taylor Coffey
Joe Beasley
Dave Glenn
Each senior would present their mother with a rose and their father with a candy bar!
Abby Beasley did a factasic job of singing the National Anthem! Then what everyone was waiting for....Dan annouced the starting line up and the game began!!!!
It was neck and neck the whole game! Then with a couple seconds left they tied the game and it went into overtime! The knot in my stomach increased!

After a stressful overtime the score was, 69-65! The difference was just 4 points, whew that was to close for comfort!!!!! The crowed erupted in a roar!!! What a wonderful way to end the day!!!
One of the highlights of the evening was seeing Mr. and Mrs. Powers and their darling little Boy Titus! He was totally a Powers!

After three sweet little girls this welcome little bundle came along much to the joy of his father! He was so sweet that everybody wanted to hold him! However when the crowd started to cheer, it was just a little to much for his little ears!

What a wonderful evening!