Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Supprise Party

Last Saturday (March 1st) Grace W. , Ellie S. and I car pooled out to Shudak's house for a supprise party for Miranda! We drove to a gas station close to the Shudaks house, where Liz, Laura and Grace Brown, Maggie Pena, and Brianna were waiting. Mr. and Mrs. Shudak were also there, waiting for us to follow them to the house a back way so Miranda wouldn't see us. When we got to the house we certainly supprised or should I say scared Miranda, but once she recovered she was glad to see us!

Mr. Shudak had an amazing scavenger hunt prepared for us that would take us all over Nebraska City. Not only did we have great fun finding the clues, but we also learned quite a bit of history of Neb. City. Meghan S. and Liz Brown were both on my team. Each team was given a list of things to find and a map of Neb. City. So as we started out at the house (and we only had a hour and a half to find 26 clues and meet back at a local McDonalds, plus two bonus clues) we started to look at the the different information that we had to have and or take a picture of.

Some of the clues were;
-There is a building in Nebraska City that has a 1680 Bible on display. Can you find it? (5points)
-What year did Joy Morton finish this 52 room mansion? (6points)
-Get a picture of someone wearing a gold kings crown. Each picture is worth 2 points.

(I hope you don't mind Liz)
-Somebody parked an old keelboat int the area, can you find it? (8points)

-Nebraska is part of the old west. It should not be that hard to get a picture of a girl ready for a round up.

These are just some of the questions. After we had finished and ordered some pop at McDonalds, we added up the points to see which team was the winner. (drumroll please....)
It was team #2! Which was my team! Great job Liz and Meghan, you were a great team!
When we were finished we decided that a party wouldn't be complete without some shopping. And in a small town who could resist the little shops? Certainly not me!

Miranda looking through the clearence rakes, (the best way to go!)

When we had "shopped till we dropped" or just got hungry enough, we went back to the house where Mrs. Shudak had a wonderful dinner ready! It was so good!! Salad, veggie tray, chicken lasgana, sparkling white grape juice and chips, who could ask for more?

The lovely table!

Miranda opening her gifts.
After she was through Mrs. Shudak brought out the cake! And it wasn't just any cake...it was a Dairy Queen ice cream cake! (My personal favorite)

What a wonderfully sweet way to end the day!!!!


Bekah Rehm said...


Looks like TONS of fun! I'm glad you suprised her good! She is such a sweet young lady! I loved the picture of Liz Brown ready for round up! That's great! And congradulations on your win! Thanks for posting all the pictures! It looks like you had a terrific afternoon!

Love Ya!

Liz Brown said...

... Some of those pictures aren't very flattering of me ...

:) It's OK. Fun day, wasn't it? And thank you for putting up pictures ... hope you don't mind if I grab some. :D

Anonymous said...

oh yeah! we deff. had a blast! : ) ya know, WE would have beat you guys if we had added just ONE more thing on Miranda's costume in the Western outfitting store. argh. :-P
It was such a lovely time though and I really enjoyed our "talk" on the way back. ;-)