Monday, March 3, 2008

Go Roadrunners!!

We got to the gym just in time to hang up the banner and try to find seats! It was soooo crowded!

This was the last home game of the year and we were playing our biggest rivals, "The Omaha Lightning"! It was bound to be a great game. The Junior High started the evening off and lost by a mere three points, the score was 33-36 it was a close game!
The JV played next and they also played a great game and almost won, but lost by three again! Was this to be the pattern of the whole evening? We desperatly hoped not!
The next on the agenda was honouring the Seniors and their parents. So along with our own Roadrunner seniors they also honored the seniors from the Omaha Warrior girls B-ball team. The Seniors from the roadrunners were;
Taylor Coffey
Joe Beasley
Dave Glenn
Each senior would present their mother with a rose and their father with a candy bar!
Abby Beasley did a factasic job of singing the National Anthem! Then what everyone was waiting for....Dan annouced the starting line up and the game began!!!!
It was neck and neck the whole game! Then with a couple seconds left they tied the game and it went into overtime! The knot in my stomach increased!

After a stressful overtime the score was, 69-65! The difference was just 4 points, whew that was to close for comfort!!!!! The crowed erupted in a roar!!! What a wonderful way to end the day!!!
One of the highlights of the evening was seeing Mr. and Mrs. Powers and their darling little Boy Titus! He was totally a Powers!

After three sweet little girls this welcome little bundle came along much to the joy of his father! He was so sweet that everybody wanted to hold him! However when the crowd started to cheer, it was just a little to much for his little ears!

What a wonderful evening!


Liz Brown said...

Looks like fun, Anna! :) Wish I could've made it ...

Bekah Rehm said...

Hey Anna!

You got the comment thing fixed! Even without the help of Abby Martin! Yipee! This is great! I'm so happy you did, because now I can comment about all your darling posts! Thanks so much for posting all the great pictures! I was so... happy to see them! Thats a great pic of you, and me, and I love it! I had such a wonderful time! Thanks for taking me out for my birthday Anna! I can never thank-you enough for the fantastic, and fun time we had, and I wish we could do it more often! Next time it's my turn to pay the bill though!=) Could you email the pics of me, and you, and me, and Titus as well so that I have them on our comptuer, and can get them printed at Costco if I want. I'm going to bob you a quick email in a minute. Do you mind if I tell Abby Martin your blog spot so she can see the pics of you, and me?! What a wonderful time we had! I still get a smile on my face thinking about it! Thanks so much Anna! Everyone knows you're a wonderful friend to have!

Love Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

thank goodness we didn't have to play Lighning again in OKC....we almost had too...
*looking downright mortified*