Monday, March 24, 2008

An interesting activity!

Thursday morning dawned bright and early! We had the choice to sleep in but thought that that would be a waste of good daylight. So we got up and ready and decided what to do with our morning. Uncle Mark was working a half day so we had the house to ourselves till 12:00. So we ended up watching "Miss Potter" the story of Beatrice Potter, and a couple "I Love Lucy's". When Uncle Mark came home he took us out for lunch to Chik-fil-a, it was very good and very filling! We then headed home to try our hands at a totally new experience!! Golfing! (I bet your laughing now: ) And it was real golfing not putt-putt!
::It was a very pretty golf course, and a gourgeous day, slightly windy as you can see the hair flying, but otherwise it was a perfect day for golf! (In our professional opion):: *smile*

Uncle Mark was a excellent instructor and with his directions it went pretty well...although I have discovered a liking for fishing the balls out of the water: )

Posing the "proper" way for the camera.

Uncle Mark showing how it is supposed to be done!

Betsy and I attempting to do it right: )

It is deffenitly harder then it looks!! There are so many things to remeber it's a wonder we hit the ball at all: )

Things to remeber, keep our head down, follow through with the swing, keep the left arm straight....and try to aim towards the little hole: )

Thank you Uncle Mark for teaching us!!


ladygreen said...

Yes I was laughing my way through the second half of your post. I really can't imagine you and Betsy out there GOLFING!!!! LOL! I'm glad you had a good time...golfing : ) That is one thing I don't mind missing out on at all!!!
So when you and Betsy are old grandmothers do you think you will fish out the old golfing skills and hit the corse? LOL

ellie said...

Golfing is really fun. So overall, did you enjoy it? I was very surprised that you had a blog. You didn't even tell me:) I'm liking it down here but I will be glad when I come home. Lehlohonolo, a 11 year old friend of mine, says "Hi"

Anna B. said...

Yes I enjoyed it very much, while I was doing it I though that you would be proud of me *smile* ! Do you have a blog? Is there any way I can like e-mail you? I think I like just started this blog before you left: ) Miss you lots!