Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Only God holds the future, and when you have found Him, you might not know what your future holds, but you will have the blessed security of knowing Who holds you, now and forever."
~R.G. LeTourneaus


Nicole said...

Beautiful quote!

And just what I needed!

Thanks Anna!

Anonymous said...

Oh.... Anna! Perfect quote! And perfect picture! It was just what I needed to hear today, and I am amazed at how often the Lord uses something on a blog to speak to my heart! What a blessed security indeed! Just today I was struggling some thinking about what the future might hold, and how forbodeing it looks to me at them moment! But it doesn't matter what the future holds! At least I know who holds on to me now....and forever....! Thank-you so......... MUCH Anna! I love you bigger!

Love Always,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Remember when we tried to paint those?
Miss you! Ellie