Saturday, March 8, 2008

Overnight visit

This last Thursday Esther and I got to go to the Rehms house overnight till the skating party the next day. It was very fun we got back to the Rehms house at about 8:30pm we set up are beds and watched "Love's Unending Legacy".

The next morning was a very active morning. We had to leave at 11:15 for the skating party, and Bekah had a lady coming at 10:00 to look at Blackjack, who was up for sale! It was a good a moring though because the lady that came to look at the horse decided to buy him. Bekah has been trying to sell him since last summer. So that was a big answer to prayer.
Esther and Julia had a fun time playing "American Girl" dolls, they wouldn't let me they said it was a very fun story plot.


bekah rehm said...

Hey Anna!

Thanks so.... much for posting! I LOVE your blog!!! What adorable pictures!=) I especially love that darling picture of you at the top! I wonder who on earth could have taken such a perfect pose???!=) That is definately my first pick for your profile picture! Hey and on the selling Blackjack thing! You forgot to put in the part about you wonderful "legs" sales pitch!=) That was so.... funny! Thanks so much for coming over girls! It was a blast, and next time we'll have to watch Saving Sarah Cain! I had such a fun time, and such wonderful memories! You, and Esther are such a blessing Anna! I can't wait until next time!

Love Ya Bunches!

Anonymous said...

that looks fun