Monday, March 17, 2008

Wiffle ball anyone?

One of Daddy's favorite things to do when he was little, was play wiffle ball with his brother, he did a good job of passing on his zeal for the plastic bat and ball! After a long break for winter the boys were very anxious to get out and play again! When mom decided to play she corralled us all to go out (whether we liked or not) and get some fresh air. What started out as 'have to' soon switched to a very competetive game.....I mean when is it anything else when mom is playing?

Phillip samcking one to deep left!

John taking a swing not quite as far as Phillip but a nice hit

The teams were, Mom, John and Esther against Phillip, Stephen and myself. It was a good game! I think the score was 6-3, my team won! The cheeks were tingling and the noses red as we finally picked up the things and headed for the house. We just can't wait till it's a little warmer so it will be light a little longer, and not quite so nippy. So on a beautiful summer day feel free to come on over and join us in a fun game of wiffle ball...we can always use more players: )


Anonymous said...

haha, I heard you guys playing out in the backyard when I came to return the skittles game Joe let me borrow this afternoon. btw, I left it on the window sill to the left of the door. ;-)

ladygreen said...

Oh thats so fun!!! I love the pics

Anonymous said...

Oh, we used to play that sometimes when I was little! Fun. :)

bekah rehm said...

Great Pics Anna! BTW I know that you left for Texas today! I'm sure you're going to have loads of fun! I wish I was with you, but since that is impossible I wish you the funnest days of your life with Betsy! And may the Lord truely bless you through this special trip for all you do for your family, and Gma Ann!

Love Always!