Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am ready to go!!

Well I am all (mostly) paked for Texas! The plane leaves today at 3:35! I have been checking the weather a bunch these past few days and it seems that it will be absolutly gorgeous there, like 72ยบ (give or take a few degrees). I just can't wait!

This is my Uncle Mark & Aunt Cathy, we will be staying with them while we are down there! I will probably post while I am there so keep checking. : ) But then I again I may just be having too much fun to do anything on the computer! *smile*
Have a nice week!


Anonymous said...

That is going to be SO fun for you! It's really nice to go south in the winter...Joel and I went to Mississippi in early February and it was fabulous. :)

Liz Brown said...

Have a *lovely* time :)

bekah rehm said...

OHHHH.....!!! Have a wonderful time Anna! We shall all miss both you, and Betsy terribly at practice this Thursday, and Sunday! You are probably in Texas while I am writting this, and having the most spectacular time ever! Soak everything in fully, and come back and spend a day with me showing me pictures, and telling me stories! Cause I guess that is as close as I'm going to get to being there!=) I'll miss ya tons Anna, but I'll pray that you have a spectacular time, and be sure to breath some Texas air for me!=) Tell Betsy "Hi" for me!

Love Ya Bunches,

Blogging Buddy said...

Alathiea.... I didn't know you had gotten your own blog!! Why didn't you tell me???! I just went to see it, and it's lovely! I would have posted a comment, but our computer won't post on anybodys that has visual verifacation!=( It's really frusterating! But beautiful first post BTW, and I look foward to more!

Your Blogging Buddy!

ladygreen said...

Yup...I got a blog! Happy Me!!!! are soooooooo lucky!!! I hope you have a great time with Betsy...don't die from excitement! *grin* I can't wait to see you when you get back!