Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shall we dance....?

The Riverdance was one of the main highlights of our trip to Texas! And was it ever a highlight! We left Uncle Marks house at about 4:30pm to go and pick up Aunt Cathy at work. We ate at a place called "Spring Creek Barbaque", Betsy and I both spilt a rib dinner....and was it good! We even manged to keep our white shirts clean! The Riverdance didn't start till 8:00, so as we had time to spare after dinner we decided to do some quick shopping. There was a store just across the street called "Ross" dress for less, it was a very fun store...lots of shoes and purses! I found an adorable purse but it seemed that "dress for less" didn't fit this praticular purse..oh well: )

The Riverdance was all I had imagined and MORE! It was so cool! A couple of the highlights were; the fiddler guy, he was incredible!! His fingers just went SO fast! He played some by himself and it was just amazing! Also the feet of the dancers put with the lively music just made you want to clap and dance (if I knew how to tap dance) right with them! Their feet moved so fast it was incredible!!! I thourghly enjoyed the entire thing!!

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bekah rehm said...

Hey Anna!

Looks like you had WAY to much fun! I hadn't been on your or Grady's blog in a while because I've been so.... busy! So when I got on them tonight it was like such a specail treat to read all about your, and Betsy's wanderings! It was SO....... good to see you at church this past Sunday! I have so... much to tell you, and am so... sorry I have not responded to your email as of yet! I will try to soon! I have been terribly busy! But know that I am thinking of you, and love, and miss ya tons!

Love Ya Bunches!