Monday, March 31, 2008

CPR...or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: )...

This past Sat. Alicia N., Anna N., Betsy, Hannah and I had the opportunity to take a First Aid/CPR and AED class at the Red Cross. It was a very fun and memorable occasion!

First we started out with the infant/child CPR. We got to practice on each other first before using the dummies. Check, Call, Care, are the three steps that you go through.

::Saving a baby's life::
Anna giving "back blows" (she was pretty good at that) *smile*
Betsy checking for "signs of life" on the little dummy

Alicia, giving "rescue breathing" to a "child" Doing CPR: )
The First Aid part of the class was very helpful. We learned how to help people with; hypothermia, heat strokes, burns, punctures...the list goes on.
So now if you have an ailment of any kind you know where to go: )


Sempre_Dolce said...

Fun! I didn't know you had a blog Anna. :) You probably didn't know I had one either. Love you! See you soon!

Rachel said...

Oh, how fun! Just over lunch today we were talking about how some of us should take a class. I did several years ago, but I'm afraid I would need quite an in-depth refresher course!!! :)

Was great to see you yesterday!

Ben said...

Ah, yes........
check, call, care, check, call, care, check, call, care, check,... call,..... care,......zzzzzzz
But hypothermia-Now that's an entirely different story! what's that?.. oh yes, check, call, care, then watch those worst case scenarios :P