Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It was so fun this past week to be able to spend several days with the Wissmann's!  The excuse this time was, so we could do NCHEA prep work!  What a blast we had....and we did manage to get lot done as well!  But a downside was, that we were just having to much fun that I totally forgot to take pictures of the prairie that we painted, or the town that Elizabeth and Ruth put together.  Bethany did manage to take quite a few pictures (imagine that) and you can view them HERE!
"The best sweetener of human life is...

Thank you Wissmann's for a wonderful time!!!

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Bethany said...

Thank YOU for coming!!! What a blast it was. It's hard to believe that NCHEA is over already...

Hope you get caught up on your rest!
Love you, Anna!!!