Monday, October 6, 2008

John's Birthday Party

John's 11th birthday was on September 29th! The Grady's and Matychuk's came over in the evening to help us celebrate!
The evening started out to a vigorous start...relay races!
Even the dad's joined in the fun!
Mom's list of birthday games to play included;
Running relay, egg -on-a-spoon relay, prison ball and the all time favorite, the Three legged races

The dad's opted to sit out on this one and let the kids battle it out!
After one BIG race they sifted us out into big and little kids. It was pretty tight competition!

Steve and B made for interesting pair

Betsy and I, naturally were together: )

Abby going barefoot, took a great step of trust with Caleb who wore shoes.
(She must really like him*smile*)

Ready. Set. Go!

As the night was getting chilly and feet were tired (of getting stepped on in 3 legged races, Abby wasn't the only one *smile*) we retired to the bonfire to open presents.
It didn't take long though to get warmed and rested up for one of the funnest games of capture the flag ever: )
Thank you Grady's and Matychuk's for making John's birthday so special!

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