Monday, June 23, 2008

A quick peek!

Hello! I am finally back from CYIA! The Lord used it in so many different ways!
The first week of training was full of classes and then, practicums, or tests. There were tests on the wordless book, bible lessons etc.
Since this was my fourth year I was chosen to be a Team Leader. Brittany Hall was my "student" this year! She was such a sweetheart, and an excellent teacher! We had a lot of fun together: )
Brittany and I

The second week of training we got to go out and teach clubs in the surrounding areas. My teaching team for the second week was;
Luke Harwerth, Kimberly McClellan, Isaac DeFord and Rachel Inge. Mr. Hayden the dorm dad was our driver: ) Let me tell you, the way to and from club was never silent in the least. Mr. Hayden was a blast to ride with, and pretty much everybody wished he was their driver: )
When driving with Mr. Hayden you never knew what to expect, a random stop at a park to take pictures, we quickly discovered, was not uncommon! Here is a glimpse into our fun: )

A very green lake: )Mr. Hayden even let me drive his cool truck *smile*

Just a quick note, never have your hair in french braids for pictures: )Thank you to all of you who prayed for me and sent me letters! I really appreciated it!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!! I get to be the first to comment! Great post Anna, and I'm SO glad that you had SUCH a good time! Praise The Lord for a wonderful week, and for sweet fellowship with other beleivers! I'm sure you were a great blessing to Brittany! Continue to draw close to Him!

Loving, and Missing You!

Lesley said...

What a fun two weeks!!! I'm sure you're glad to be back home...I am glad to catch up on some sleep but missing everyone terribly! And I would agree that you had the BEST driver in the world! I can only imagine what those rides were like...wish I could've tagged along!:) Love ya Pippi!
~Le'le :)

Grace W. said...
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Grace W. said...

no, having french braids when getting a picture taken is no problem, UNLESS, repeat. UNLESS you have Luke or Paul in the picture with you. :-P Isaac would never have pulled your braids unless told to, but I know Kimberly would have gladly choked you. : D You should be thankful that you got Luke, the more civilized one on your team. I had dear sweet Paul who has named me "Peach" and tries to imitate Gabriel's annoying English accent. horrid. :-P jk

Heidi said...

I Love the pics Anna!!!!

I love you and miss you
PS.Say hi to Esther for me

ladygreen said...

How cute! I love the picture of you and Brittany!

ladygreen said... you need to post more CYIA pictures! And hurry (just don't forget to put pictures of Ellie up!).

Ashley said...

Hey Pippi!

I love the pictures! That one of the green lake is soo cool! It looks like you guys move if I stare at it long enough.

thanks for being part of another memorable year at CYIA, you were such a blessing!

About the french braid piggy tail things...with a name like Pippi shouldn't that be expected?? ;)

Love ya!