Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well I finally got around to posting more pictures of CYIA! Hope you enjoy them: )

Alatheia with "war paint" for the special night: )

Esther & Heidi

Brittany & Ellie

Kristin and Mr. Hayden, they look very sneaky!

Laura Inge and I

The twins at camp! (The Messer twins had already left or else we would have had 3 sets: )

Betsy and Arianna


Lesley said...

Wow Pippi! I'm surprised we're all actually looking at your camera...there were so many going!;) It's always kind of fun having 2 other sets of twins don't meet up with more of your kind very often.:)
Hope you're having a great summer! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Pippi! Such fun memories...Hope you come back next year! Love ya lots!


ladygreen said...

Thanks for the pictures! They are all so cute!

Kristin said...

The Betsy & Arianna picture is absolutely adorable! :)
I love all your pics Pippi! Thanks for posting them.
Hugs to you!

Grace W. said...

hey you need to post a few pictures of Betsy's, mine, Ellie's. Brittany's, Liz's, and Rachel's room on here! It was a mess!! But oh, so fun! lol!