Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sweet Sixteen: )

Happy 16th Birthday Betsy!!!
May God bless you with a very special day!

Oh Betsy, you have been such a wonderful friend to me!
The way you serve and are a blessing to so many people is such a blessing to me: )
It has been such fun to become better and better friends with you. The ever lengthing phone calls, more frequent visits back and forth from my house to yours, the list just goes on..... My God bless you, and may you grow closer to him every day!!!
Love you lots!


bekah rehm said...

Oh..... Hurray! I get to be the first person to comment on this most special persons birthday! Betsy you are such a beautiful, lovely, and delightful young lady letting the Lord's love radiate through you to others! Thank-you for your constant example of meekness, and humility to me! I have always enjoyed the special times I have got to visit, and spend time with you! May the the Lord's richest blessings be upon you in the coming year! Sweet Sixteen....oh how happy! Let me tell you it is lovely to be sixteen! I LOVE being sixteen! Thanks for being such a special, and fun friend to me, and Anna both! I have so many good memories! I love you Betsy, and hope you have a wonderful day! May you continue to serve, and follow the Lord delighting in His love for you for all the years to come.

Love Always,

elizabeth said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Betsy!!
Sweet Sixteen fits you perfectly, as you certainly are the definition of sweet!! I have been blessed to know you and observe your quiet and gentle spirit on many occasions!!
Enjoy being 16, it is really great!!
God bless you each and every day!!

Trusting and Rejoicing,