Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good News Club sure is FUN!

Just last week we 'kicked off ' our Good News Club with some "end of summer fun". I wish I would have taken some pictures:) We had one girl who was very sweet! Most of our usual kids thought it didn't start till the next week!

Esther, manning the table at the "Curriculum Fair"!

This year we have a new helper!! YAY! Tami Smith and her daughter, Jessica, are our new helpers this year for GNC!
Please pray for our Good News Club as we go into the public school and teach/disciple children! Specific prayer requests are;
- That kids would come!
- Creativity for Esther and I as we think of idea's to keep the kids interested
- That God would move on the hearts of the Children
- Wisdom as we teach
- That the Spirit of God will go before us!

Thank you for your prayers...and I will try to give updates:)


~ Kourtney ~ said...

That is great! I hope it goes well!
I am involved with an AWANA club every Wednesday. Have you ever heard of it? (
I teach counsel time with my younger sister. This will be the third week and we are already having trouble decided on what to teach!
I'll be praying for you. I'd appreciate your prayers as well!

Rachel C said...

I'll be praying!