Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A month ago today...

...or yesterday...but I at least I am only a day late:)

On December 19th my wonderful brother, Dan, was united as one with, my wonderful sis' Bethany Wissmann. It was beautiful! God had been the center of their relationship, and was the center of their wedding. Truly remarkable!

The couple!!

Bethany, and the Wissmann's have done wedding I tried to choose some different pics! I LOVE their wedding pictures, ALL of them so it was hard to pick:) Christopher Maxwell did an amazing job!

Getting Ready

Hmm....which earrings should I wear?

God was so good in regards to all the sewing that had to be done. I was a little nervous about the flower girl dress...but I loved how it turned out, Alyathia made it look perfect:)

The Maid of Honor
(I just loved this picture...)

::Making the most of every opportunity::

While I was giving someone a hug at the wedding they remarked "you smell good...what perfume are you wearing?" And I had to laugh...and reply "that I wasn't wearing perfume, but I had spent the morning getting ready with over half-a-dozen different hairsprays."

And finally, what we had all been waiting wasn't a dream anymore

This is one of my favorites...

My sister-in-law Abby did the flowers...they were breathtaking!

The Groom

Dan, what can I say? You have been the big brother that everyone dreams about. The very best. Thank you for all the time you have invested in my life. Thanks for letting me tag along with you out to Virginia the first was truly a memorable experience! And when Bethany came still found little ways to show that you did still love me too. You wisdom sound advice mean more to me then you will ever know. thanks for always being open to talk about anything, be it happy, sad, hard or easy. Your open spirit and constant referral to Scripture has encouraged me so much. I look forward to coming and having more long talks in you new apartment. Love you, Dan!

Best Buddies

~The Bride~

Bethany, again I am not sure I can get words to express my thoughts. I always thought that you would be perfect for Dan...but then you came along and swept him off his feet...and I wasn't quite so sure anymore *smile* But I see now that I didn't have to worry too much:) Having you as a sister totally outweighs anything else! How an I properly thank you for how much you have helped me this last year? From writing me e-mails, to talking, listening, hugs, listening, prayer, thoughts...and more. They meant so much to me. May God reward you in a way that only He can. I can't wait to come and visit your little home...and catch up on everything:) Love ya, your Anna-girl:)

It was truly a blessing to be in the wedding! We had so much fun together:)


The ceremony...just a couple pics:)

The "twins"

The wonderful cello player...and my AMAZING piano teacher!!!!

The photographer did an incredible job of capturing the special little moments of the day...and not just of Dan and Bethany:)

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Beasley!!!


"For the Lord is good and His love endures forever;
His faithfulness continues through all generations."
Psalm 100:5

Pictures by Christopher Maxwell


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

There was a lot of pictures I hadn't seen before. Thank you for sharing them! It must be exciting and sad all at the same time. :)
God Bless,

Kristin said...

Ahhh!! I *love* all the "getting ready" pics. And all the Dan & Bethany ones are just so sweet... :) I wasn't able to make it to the ceremony, but I am so blessed just reading about it and seeing pictures! I'm so happy for you and Esther to gain a new sis!

Ashley said...

Love all the pics!!! What a wonderful day to remember!

Anonymous said...

Anna, I'm so glad you posted more pics! It's been a whole 2 days since I've seen more wedding pics!!!

I love them all! You did a GREAT job on the Alaythia's dress; it really caught my eye when I first saw it... is it a miniature of the brides dress?

Lovely post!!

Sarah g.

Mikala said...

I don't think I'd seen any of those pictures on any other blogs...thanks for posting, Anna!

P.S. Just a few days ago, Christopher Maxwell and family visited our church! They are one talented family!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So beautiful!! Everyone looks so happy, especially Dan and Bethany:)
Love the pictures!

elizabeth said...

Love the pictures. I especially love the one of Bethany taking a picture while she gets her hair done. That is classic!! I'll probably be carrying mine down the aisle with me someday. (okay, maybe not) :) :)
Thanks for the post, Anna!

Bethany said...

Oh Anna! What fun to see some of your favorite pics! :)

and there is no way I can thank YOU for all the sewing you did! Your sweet, fun-loving, genuine spirit always makes it a blast to spend time with you! Miss seeing you (why does Nebraska have to be so far away?) -- but am definitely looking forward to having you visit us.

Love you, Anna girl!

Megan.Margaret said...

Great job at getting different pictures! The wedding was so wonderful, and its great seeing more "behind the scenes" things. Their wedding was just so encouraging :) Happily ever after does exist. =)

Anonymous said...

why weren't you so sure bethany was the right one for dan?