Monday, June 20, 2011


Ahh....books! The very thought of them makes me smile! 

In a book you can go anywhere, be anything. It takes you places. A book can make you cry, laugh, giggle, challenge you and change you.  

Every Saturday morning the local, Purcellville, thrift store had all their books 1/2 price. Amazing! So every Saturday morning Bethany and I skittered in and browsed the ever changing selection. And every Saturday morning we came back to the house with our arms full of wonderful books...purchased at an unreal price. (Yes, that did make for some interesting packing when it came time for me to fly home...and Bethany still has a stack of books in 'my room' waiting until I come visit again:)

Oh, and when I came home I walked into my room...and there, built by my amazing father, were my very own built-in bookshelves! I am so going to do a nice post about them--so watch for it!


Lesley said...

Books = <3 !!! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh what Fun!!!
I just love books! Nowadays they have so many ebooks, but nothing takes the place of a good hard book in your hands.

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

That is a *lot* of books! =) Reading is so wonderful, especially reading God's Word, the best Book of all! How kind of your dad to make you built-in bookshelves, too. =) Blessings, Anna!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Bethany said...

ooh!!! Such good times! And just isn't the same shopping there without you. No one to beat to the 'good finds.' lol. You need to come visit again sometime!

And the bookshelves Dad B. built are so incredible!!! I love how you've begun arranging your books on them. :) Look forward to seeing pictures of the finished project!

<3 you!