Friday, November 11, 2011

Nebraska and Basketball

Things have been good here in there wonderful state of Nebraska! I love it!

I often think about the ocean and the amazingness of it. The waves, the sun, the sand, the beauty. Then my thoughts will wander to the mountains--the splendor, the invigorating hikes, the completely-take-your-breath-away view from the top. (I really can't decide which I like better) And then I think about where I live--the flat, the gorgeous sunrises, the big open sky, the corn fields, the family and friends who live all around me. It seems boring so "the same" compared to other places...but it's home and though I don't know if it always will be, I do know that it will hold a special place in my thoughts!

Where do you live?!? Yes, this requires a little action on your part--it's not hard, just click comment and tell me about the amazing place you call home.

Yep, we're in a gym! And believe it or not this begins our 11th year of watching basketball. I guess that's what comes when you have 7 very athletic brothers. All of them that live at home--5 of them--are in basketball this fall. And I'm excited to cheer for them.

There has been many a game when I've cheered myself hoarse. Buzzer-beaters are. the. best. If you have never experienced one you truly don't know what it means to watch basketball. Granted they are few and far between, but when they come...ahh!! Good times!

I do enjoy sports. And watching them is fun, especially when I know someone who's competing! Now watching random guys on a TV screen doesn't really do much for me--except HUSKER football--oh, yeah!

Anyways, basketball is the one sport that I actually understand fully--I think. I will hopefully be doing a couple posts on basketball, but don't hold your breath:)  But I am anticipating some good games this year, and of course every game is better when you've have the bleacher-buddy that I've got!! She. is. the bomb. She knows basketball better then...well, any other girl I know, and she makes a great personal wikipedia in that regard!!

"I have set the LORD always before me. 
Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken
Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices...
You have made known to me the path of life; 
You will fill me with joy in Your presence
with eternal pleasures at Your right hand." 
Psalm 16:8-11


Julianne said...

I live in Michigan. It was neat to hear a little more about the beauty of Nebraska here...I've only driven through a part of it and honestly it is one of those states that I have probably overlooked! The cool thing is that I have been to many states that ppl don't think of visiting because they don't have a big city or are by the water and they have been some of my favorite - example = Idaho. I love Michigan though....Great Lakes, beautiful northern country, sand dunes, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

Anna you make me homesick! I am going to school in South Dakota, but grew up in Nebraska. And I have to agree that even though NE, isn't as lovely as other states. I think it is the best, its home! Family, Friends, familiar places, all spell Nebraska. and I miss it.

Hannah Joy R. said...

I live in the VERY NE corner of Ohio.
I love it! (and it just snowed this morning! Yay!

Anonymous said...

From Ontario, Canada. :)

Talitha said...

Hi Anna! I live in central MN. Though I used to live in mountainous New York, I love living here. We have a nice mix of beautiful woods and open fields. There are also many lakes in this area. I am happy to call central MN my home!

Bethany said...

I live -- wait. you know where I live! You know what books I have on my shelves. You know what clothes I have in my closet. You know where I work. You know some of my favorite recipes. You know my favorite stores to shop at.

But you DON'T know what our kitchen looks like with the new cupboards. (you should come live with us again! :)

Ellie said...

Outside Charleston, South Carolina. Live oaks with Spanish moss, palm trees, the ocean, cobblestoned streets in downtown it!!

Hiswayserves said...

I've been waiting to comment on your blog. My name is Rebecca K. I'm 20- years-old I live with my parents and sister, Annah, and our dog, Chloe in Moscow Mills, Missouri. We live on a hill with country on the down side and town on the other side. We have a nice, big blue themed living room. My room is lavendar purple! We used to have a swimming pool but we sold it. Dad built his tool shed. We really like it here! Oh, yes! The Daddy Ray's fig bar bakery is down in the valley and sometimes the scrumptious smell will drift up where we can smell it!

Anonymous said...

Southeast NE.
But I have to say I really like WI.
So kinda stuck inbetween on the "Home" part:) but NE the good life right?:)
God bless

Anonymous said...

I live......hmm not sure how to describe my place! I can look out on hills that reflect a beautiful sunset from my kitchen windown, I also can stroll to a creek that has a salty taste when the tide is high, I can't decide whether I like to go east to the white sand beach or west to the black and I gaze upon rolling pastures and bush land. I reckon New Zealand has it all! ;)


Claire said...

I'm from Melbourne, Australia (although I'm originally from New Zealand). Right now, we're gearing up for another scorcher of a summer, although this year it shouldn't be too bad, as our new house is right near the beach!

You should post a few pictures of what Nebraska looks like. It's always been my dream to go to the Midwest of America, and it's so cool to see what other people's home towns look like.

Anonymous said...

I live in AL where cotton, corn and peanuts are the number 1 crop for the farmers in south AL. Summers are usually super hot and winters there is not much snow. Once the first garden dies most of the time you can plant another garden. It's interesting to be getting vegetables as late as November. Fishing is good and hunting (in the southern part of the state). I say where ever home is it's a great place to be; for home truly is where the heart is. Oh yeah, as for southern hospitality I don't so much believe in that!!! :-) Yes, there are many very nice people, yet there are still those who are hard to get along with and who just do not show much hospitality at all.
:) Sarah

Anonymous said...

North Dakota…… love everything about it except the rough winters we have been having :)

Grace said...

Hi Anna! My name is Grace C. I have meet you once before, but you probably don't remember me. :) I live in the NE part of Kansas. I love Kansas! We have the extremes here. Hot summers and cold winters. I enjoy following your blog. :)

Marjo.....B. said...

We live in Missouri,(although half the family comes from Canada!) right next to the Missouri and Missippi rivers, and Illinois is just a few minutes away. It's funny- I absolutely love visiting mountains (think the Great Smokies, or Rockies) or the ocean, but it's fun living here in plain MO! I guess I apreciate the little things in nature, and the beauty we have here more than if we saw mountains and oceans and rivers ALL the time! And there are a lot of great hiking places nearby. God is good- I'm glad He gives contentment, and a joy in the nature He's blessed us with. :)

Susannah {Seven Sisters} said...

I'm from Northern Indiana...where it's all flat and cornfields! I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

New Jersey has mountains and lakes in the north, a wonderful East coast hugging the ocean, and the sights and sounds of New York City and Philadelphia close by.