Friday, January 27, 2012


If you have a sister that...

makes you laugh. 
puts up with your craziness.
listens to all your fantastic ideas.
has the guts to pitch some of said 'fantastic' ideas.
makes the bed.
cooks ooper good food.
laughs at you.


tells you when you sound bad.
cheers when you sound good.
makes you wonder how in the world you're related.
keeps you on track.

Yeah, that would pretty much define my sister. So if you have a similar one...go do a blog post, write a letter, give a hug, make a dessert...something. 

Because sister's are awesome. And it's high time they realize it! 


Jonathan Bloom said...

I ABSOLUTELY agree! What a glamorous pic!

Lily Marie said...

I have a similar sister. I promise. ;) (And I'm the one that makes the bed!)