Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Asking the Audience...

Things to do. Places to be. People to enjoy.

How do you make it all happen?

Life is busy, right? But things still need to get done. How does one juggle everything? And yes, this is out for debate. I want you to comment and share your tips. I have decided I do far too much talking around here. So here is the question; 

What are some ways that help you not get distracted, but stay focused on what needs to be done?


How do you get a lot accomplished in a day?


maybe you're the type that doesn't get distracted. And if that's the truth...HOW?

I'm still workin' on it. 
Sooo...I want to hear from YOU!

But on a random and encouraging's a verse that should stop you in your tracks and have you praising God all the day long...

"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, 
that we should be called the children of God." 1 John 3:1


Andrea Joy Maendel said...

Make lists, and close the computer. :-D

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Andrea.
Make a list....figure out your goals, so when you look back you can see SUCESS!
Technology is a great benefit to life, but it is also a huge time-waster. Try to eliminate it altogether, or at least restrict yourself to a certain time of day only, or a specific amount of time, or go on a techno-fast!
No technology for a period of time.

Decide what is most important and let all excess fall away!
I'm speaking to myself on all this too, but I hope you benefit as well!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,
I'm twelve, and I have a giant imagination, so here's the easiest way to do it. I set about my tasks as if I was a fictional character. For example: Yesterday while cleaning the kitchen, I pretended that I was Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm! It works on some people, so that's how I do it!

Mikala said...

I agree with the others. Lists help. If I make a list of what all I need to accomplish in a day, 99% of the time it gets done!

Also, something God has been teaching me is to live in the present. "Do not worry about tomorrow." Live today to the fullest for His glory. It's a hard lesson to learn.

I get a lot accomplished in a day by, well, I don't really know :-) Sometimes by staying up later. Also by getting random things that I can't easily accomplish during the week done on Saturday.

And there you have it. My two cents. :-D Enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Anna, I am so with you on this one! Lately, I have been realizing that it is so very easy to let life get cluttered! When my life gets cluttered, I find that my focus has been turned away from God. After this realization really hit me, I have been pondering just how to remove the clutter, regain my focus on God, and simplify my life. I have removed the activites and forms of entertainment from my old life (before Christ became my Lord), but I am finding that even Christian books, films, blogs, activities, etc. can cause me to become far too busy! I don't have the answers yet, as God is still teaching me this one, but I will pray for you if you'll pray for me? :)
-Alison (age 18)

Hannah said...

If I am trying to get a lot done in one day, I write lists!!
It helps a lot.
Also, make sure to spend the first part of your day with Jesus. Then you are sure to get a lot more done.


Bianca said...

Wow I've been thinking about time management recently, too! (BTW, Please don't get creeped out 'cos a random is reading your blog!! :P)

To make things happen, I write to-do lists and/or schedules. If writing to-do lists then prioritize; if schedules then schedule the things that will take the most time first, then schedule in the things that will take less time around them. :)

(New Zealand)

Maria said...

Music. If it's lively and turned up loud enough, it keeps me moving. Or for a steady, monotonous job, a book on cd works great.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I miss your updates. Is everything going ok in your life?

Leah Taconet said...

Hi Anna
I don't think that anybody can get everything done that needs to be done in short little 24 hour what I tend to do is figure out what is priority and then make a list in order of importance.
1.Quiet time
2. laundry
3. Jogging
and make sure you have some great music turned up so you can hear it throughout every where you will be then you don't have to worry about "fixing" it each time you move. I have really enjoyed your blog posts, You really remind me of one of my other friends. ~Leah

Kristina Pakpahan said...

blessed.. :)
God bless you.. :)