Saturday, September 6, 2008

The 1st Day

Thursday afternoon was to be the "work day" of our trip. After Caleb got off work, he took us to the store and we loaded up with lots of food to be converted into freezer meals for Dan and Caleb. While we did that the Micah and Luke painted the bathroom a lovely "robin's egg blue".

After we got the"work" done, and even though it was very cloudy, we headed out to swim in the neighborhood pool!Anna and I were very anxious to try out our new cute swimsuits!
The pool was so cold! Caleb tried to warm us up by doing creative things like, swimming across the pool with your hands behind your back and feet together, and going across the length of the pool underwater without coming up for air...needless to say only a couple of us succeeded: )

That evening Caleb's buddy David came over, two of his brothers who were there for the weekend came over as well. Now all we needed to complete our party was my brother who came Friday right after he got off work!

Caleb fired a couple rubber bands at Anna and I which turned into a huge rubber band fight. The teams were a bit unfair, girls against guys. 5 against 2 which wasn't quite fair but we held our own!!

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Elizabeth U. said...

We had the Ultimate rubber band fight with some friends a few years ago-- we were using HUGE rubberbands and playing in the dark outside! It was SO much fun!!
Looks like you were having a lot of fun!