Monday, September 8, 2008

Busch Gardens

Friday morning we went to Busch Gardens a large amusement park in Williamsburg, VA! It was such a blast! We went early to avoid the lines, but there wasn't hardly any the whole day! It was really nice!

David and his two brothers, Michael and Daniel came with us.
Anna even tried one roller coaster! Roller Coasters normally don't agree with her, but she made it through this one!

We stopped for a quick lunch and were serenaded by some German dancers, it made for an interesting lunch break: )
After lunch we went of the biggest roller coasters, The Griffin! The Griffin was the largest and tallest of them all! It went up 200' dangled you over the edge, and then sent you flying down at a very fast speed. I was a little nervous about going on this one, especially since we went front seat. But it was, by far the most exciting ride: )

We went on a variety of rides, some made you scream for sheer "love of the ride" some out of sheer panic or fright, and some because you were getting soaked clear through!! On one of the last rides Anna got totally soaked for the ride home! Stopping for milkshakes made a perfect ending for our day at Busch Gardens!

Thank you so much Caleb! I had a Wonderful time!!!!!