Saturday, December 12, 2009

Branson and Thanksgiving

Our trip to Branson this year was scheduled over Thanksgiving. It was so special to be able to share it with the Wissmann's and Dan! We were having SO much fun that I totally forgot to take pictures of some of the things that we did. But just know that we had a wonderful time!
It has been a tradition for our family to play a big Thanksgiving game of football on Thanksgiving day with our extended family. This year being away from our "regular teamates" we decided to invite our soon-to-be extended(ish) family to join us for a family game of football in Branson. It started off with kicking field goals...and I can't remember how far they kicked..but I was impressed:)

And of course since I actually played in the game I was not able to take pictures...

After the game we quickly drove back to our Condo and ate a delicious Thanksgiving meal!

And of course our absolute highlight of the trip was spending time with the Wissmann's and going to their show!!

Thank you Wissmann's for letting us steal you away for the weekend (sort of). We had a wonderful time!!

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