Thursday, February 25, 2010

My newest cute thing:)

After 4 long hard years of searching I finally found the hat of my dreams!

At risk of you thinking I'm crazy, I will tell the story.

I have never really been a "hat" person...I used to be the person whose ears turned an entirely different color and froze while sledding...but that all changed about 4 years ago when I spotted a hat that I couldn't live without. We were going sledding with some friends, and one of the friends had on a hat that took my breath away...(well almost)...and so began my hunt for the same style, but a different color. His was green, I wanted mine an Aqua Marine Blue with a braid off the top and two at the sides. I had a mental picture...and nothing would work except if it fulfilled that picture...dangerous, I know.

Well, I though my dream would have to die...I just couldn't find any that fitted the perfect model forever etched inside my brain...until one day. At church my sister-in-law told me off handedly that there were some pretty cute hats on sale at Dicks Sporting Goods, and that they just might have mine:) Now let me stop and tell you right now that sister-in-laws are amazing!!! I just love them...they let me borrow their clothes, shop, laugh, cry, and giggle with me, listen, encourage, give me darling nieces, do my hair, tell you about cute hats that are on sale, the list is really endless...but there is one downside. And that is the part that comes before they really become your sis-in-law, the steal-your-brother-right-from-under-your-nose-and-totally-sweep-him-off-his-feet kind of downside. Now that isn't really a downside for anyone...except the sister...but after a couple months...I get over it...I think*smile* (whew, talk about a bunny trail..)

But anyway, my sis-in-law told me about this sale. Now I should have jumped in the car right then and gone and checked it out, but I didn't...because I thought it would be just like every other sale, that had cute hats, but not my cute hat. But then I found out something that sent me scurrying to the store as soon as I could, and just praying that my hat would be there...for a reasonable price. And that something was, I was going snowboarding!!! Now you may think "what? what does snowboarding have to do with a hat"...but if there is one fact you must learn about snowboarding it is this; when going snowboarding you must ALWAYS have a cute hat!

Now let me explain myself. When first learning to snowboard you fall...a least I did *smile*! And so you find yourself on the ground quite a bit. And while you are falling and sitting on the ground, everyone else is riding up on the ski lift watching you. So they either remember you as "the one who spends most their time on the ground," or "the one who has a very cute hat." And believe me, the latter is the best. Plus it just gives you an extra boost of confidence...knowing that you have a cute hat:)
So when I found out that I was going snowboarding I headed to the store at the first opportunity given. I walked in, went up the escalator and saw a few hats...and my hopes immediately fell. They were nothing, compared to my hat. So I continued looking...and then I saw it! Hanging there just waiting for me to come and snatch it up. The last one...(at that time), was on sale, half-price, which was still kind of expensive, but my self-control was gone at this point. And so I bought it. And then promptly called Betsy on the way home to tell her about it! And she, being the good friend that is, rejoiced with me and then wondered if they had different colors of course. She was going snowboarding as well, and you just can't have your best friend flying down the hill in an adorable hat and not have one as well (snowboarding fact #2). So she got a pink/purple one, in the same style and we went snowboarding together with our cute hats!

And the hat is the one in the picture above!! Isn't it cute?!?

Now I hope I haven't bored you...but if I have, just let me tell you this--snowboarding is AMAZING!!! Go, try it yourself!!!


Lesley said...

It is a very cute hat Anna! That color blue is PERFECT for you!
It must be the year for hats...I found the hat of my dreams last month. It was even on clearance. *Happiness* :)

Sarah said...

I think you found the hat of my dreams too. :P ADORABLE!!! Did you ski before? I ski right now but I'm going to try snowboarding next year if I can bring myself to it...

I didn't know you could ski in NE...??

Anonymous said...

Very cute Anna!!

I loved your post! It's exactly something I'd post... if I had a blog. :D Going on about one particular thing, except when we get side tracked and chase those rabbits... right?! :)

I've skiied before and loved it, but, have never come in cantact with a snow board... well, besides that one HUGE guy that slammed into me that one time... :)

Oh well! One day!

Love your hat ;)

Sarah G.

Charity U said...

I enjoyed reading this a lot, Anna! Hope you have a great time with Dan and Bethany. (-:

Rachel C said...

SO cute, Anna!!