Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh the things we go through to have cool hair-do...

...but it was worth it:) When I first hearing about the dance I was ecstatic! A family-friendly setting, dressing up, having my hair done, and dancing "Old English Country Dances" with beautiful music, and with amazing friends...who could ask for more? Please click HERE for a more detailed synopsis on the dance itself.
Alatheia really outdid herself this time. We arranged a deal..."you do my hair and I will do yours" kind of a thing and it worked out well, although I think I got the better end of the bargain:)

She came over in the afternoon and we spent the next three hours curling/styling each others hair.


Alatheia and I...we go way back! We have been dressing up, making costumes and doing hair together for 12 years...and believe me, you would not want to see some of our "brilliant ideas" that we have come up with in the past! Our sewing techniques are not your text-book all...but you would not believe the fun, laughter, and giggles that have taken place!

Love you, Latte!

Also, Hillary posted more pictures of the actual dance (I was to busy dancing to take any)


ladygreen said...

Awww! Love you to, Lulu!

And you're so right: we sure have had our share of harebrained ideas!

(cottonballs, anyone?)

Leah Grady said...

So cute!!!

Charity U said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun, Anna! That is really an amazing hairstyle. (-: Hope to see you soon!

Sarah said...

WOW Anna!! That is so awesome!!

I can't believe you helped arrange a dance!! I would have come, and helped and fixed hair and sewn!!

That's so right up my alley! I've never made a period costume before... but, I have been wanting to so bad! Which pattern did you make? Or what's your favorite?

I am making a red dress right now... it's this one -> the top right, except, I changed a lot of things on it. This is my first fixer upper pattern dress. :) If you know what I mean! I made the neck square and cut out short sleeves!

Loved the post!!

Sarah G.

Lesley said...

Awww Pippi!!! Your hair looks simply darling! Way to go Alatheia!! I may have to borrow you girls for my wedding...whenever that should be.:) And it looks like you had tons of fun together in the process!

Bethany said...

Hello Anna,
I love the dress and hair! I am glad you were able to go dancing!

Your Friend,