Sunday, March 28, 2010

A peek into my life...

In the morning as I was having my devotions I began to read back in my journal over this past year, and the one before. As I was reading I began to marvel at God's goodness in my life! Now let me start by letting you know that I am not one to keep a daily journal of the happenings in my life. I have several journals in the closet that are half filled...or maybe I should say like a couple pages But my Pastor, many years ago gave a challenge to keep a daily journal of God's happenings in my life. And I cannot express to you how wonderful this has been!
It was hard to start, but once I got going I couldn't bear to stop! In that little notebook I have poured out my prayers to God, expressed my concerns, praised His name, given Him my hurts, shared my joys and recorded what He has taught me. In the beginning stages I just recorded what portion of scripture I had read that day, but as I got older it began to get more personal. It definitely has not all been pretty, but life isn't always pretty and easy. Life goes up and down, but God stays the same. And my little book is pretty much proof of that. When I am discouraged and my mind starts to wander I can look in my journal and read of God's faithfulness in my personal life. And as I read, I remember the instances in which I wrote the words, look up the scriptures that were meaningful during that time, and realize that God is real and that He does choose to work in my life.

I am not saying that I don't look to God's Word for comfort and strength, that is the whole essence of what is in my journal...I am only saying that it helps to have personal applications added to those of history.

But anyway, I said all that to say, God has been so rich and full in my life this past year that I believe He would have me share with you some portions of my stay tuned, and I hope that it will be an encouragement to you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really great stuff, Anna! Keep it up! =)

Jessica M said...

Looking forward to reading more, Anna!! I know that my past journalings have been encouraging to me in the past. So, I understand what that's like. I need to start journaling again!! It's been too long...I keep saying that and never do it... =) Journaling is a blessing though that's for sure!

Bethany said...

What a neat idea!! I've thought of doing that as well with some of my past journal entries...but... as you know its never happened. :)

Looking forward to reading more about the journeys of your heart!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this idea, Anna! It really blessed me and after I read this post, I just felt like the Lord wanted ME to keep a spiritual journal. So, I started yesterday and it has already been a blessing to me. Again, Thank you.

A Friend in Christ

Rachel C said...

That's a really cool idea, Anna! I might have to try journaling...:)