Monday, August 30, 2010

This picture makes me smile!

One of the highlights from my trip was getting to spend time with this crazy duo:) Before the program while the older ones did sound check we would hang out in the bus together, throw the football, or do hair (which happened a lot *happy smile*).

They had an uncanny ability to make me smile and laugh! And when I felt like making life on the road a little more...shall we say "interesting"...they were always there to lend a hand!

Hannah, the back/foot rubs were amazing, as were the little notes and random hugs:) And Sue, thanks for making the trip more exciting...and I might just want to leave it at that;)

Love you, two!!!


Charity U said...

Love the picture!

Jessica M said...

I love this post and the picture, Anna! =) Looks like fun! They're both very sweet girls!

Stephen W said...

I know what you mean... they do the same thing to "life at home" ;)

Love'em both TONS!!!

Sticks! said...

Oh! Cute picture! :D Thanks for coming on the trip with us, it was a blast having you along! We should totally do it again!!! :D Love you tons Anna!!! Oh and I totally want you to do my hair again! :D

Addie said...

Looks and sounds like fun!