Monday, October 4, 2010

Good News Club sure is fun...

...bring your friends in one by one! That what the song says, and thats what we are praying the kids will do.

I love listening to my sister teach! She is so genuine and sincere.

All of last year Esther tried to get a picture of me with a somewhat 'normal' face--while I was teaching. But it was not to be...and I don't think this year will be any better:)

But whats a story without expressions right?

We have such an incredible group of kids! I just love them! God did wonderful things in and through their lives last year. I can't wait to see what He is going to do this year!! Will you join me in praying for these kids?

We have way to much fun with "I've Got Joy"

Children are so fun to teach. They look up at you with their big eyes full of excitement, waiting to find out what you're going to say. Their questions are sincere, coming straight from the heart. The laughter and smiles are genuine, not fake or 'just for show'. And the testimonies of how God is working in their lives, the reports of how they tried to put into practice what was taught--priceless! Not to mention when, with a glowing face, they tell you how God has answered their prayer.

Good News Club sometimes seems like a lot of work. So much preparation. So much time and effort for just one hour. But it is SO worth it! Little children are precious to the heart of my Savior, so they are precious to mine. It is worth every minute of my time, because it's what my Lord has called me to do--to share with these little ones the simplicity and sheer awesomeness of the Gospel!

They come from broken homes, hurting homes, some from pain and some from lives that just have no purpose. We have these kids' attention for an hour every week. These kids may be our next political leaders and judges. They will be the fathers/mothers to the next generation. The message that we bring to them has the power and ability to change their entire life. The changing of that child's life could mean changing the history of our nation.

Will you join me in lifting these children before the Throne of God?

A few specific requests;
  • That, as teachers, our hearts would be right before God--so that we might be pure vessels
  • That we would speak His words and not our own
  • Our club would grow, more kids would come
  • That the kids would not only be challenged, but that they would be changed--forever!


Charity U said...

We started up a GNC in our local school too. (-: It's going well so far, a lot of fun for the kids and teachers.
And I too love listening to your sis described her perfectly. (-: And the kids love her.

Bethany said...

Praying for you all and the kids, sis!! On what day of the week is the GNC held? May the Lord bless your labors for His kingdom's sake!

Love you!

Rebecca said...

We do a GNC too! We've met for three weeks and have 58 kids so far!! (This is our 5th year at this school, I think.) I agree with you about all the work that goes into preparing for an hour club - it IS so worth it!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for the words to that song you quoted at the beginning. I have the words for one verse, but not the second. I was wondering if you would share them if you know them.

Anna B. said...

Of course! The words are;

1st verse--
GNC sure is fun, bring your friends in one-by-one
fill the place up way up fill it to the door
then we'll go and get some more.
2nd verse--
Teacher says "don't be late if you are we just can't wait"
fill the place up way up fill it to the door
then we'll go and get some more
3rd verse--
You bring 1, I'll bring 2, just like Jesus wants us to
fill the place up way up fill it to the door
then we'll go and get some more

I hope that's the song you wanted?!?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Thank you very much!!!