Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Taste of Ellerslie

How am I supposed to put into words what was experienced that weekend? We all went expecting a good conference. Expecting challenging thoughts that would cause us to think.

We all left in complete awe of who God is, and our minds were filled, not with thoughts, but with the Truth that changed our lives that weekend.

The conference was entitled "A Taste of Ellerslie". Ellerslie itself is a 10 week, intensive, leadership/discipleship training. This weekend conference was geared to give you a "taste" of what Ellerslie was all about.

Eric and Leslie Ludy are the founders of Ellerslie, as well as the authors of some of my favorite books. I would encourage you to go to their website HERE to find out more about their ministry.

Eric Ludy taught 8 different messages over the course of the day and a half that we spent on-campus. Each one of those had powerful truths that left you hungering for more of God and His Word.

Complete abandonment Christ. Giving all for the sake of His glory. Living in the victory that He has given us. Clothing ourselves with the righteousness of God. Wrestling prayer--standing with confidence against the enemy, and not backing down. The indescribable joy and peace that comes with knowing God.

These were all part of the messages that Eric preached. You can download his Sunday morning sermons here. I would highly encourage you to download a couple and listen to them!

"Don't settle for a little better then everyone else. Constantly press forward! There is no limit to Jesus Christ--it is an endless frontier. We think of Christianity as full of limits, but really it is an unlocking of who we were really meant to be. There is no limit to the life of Jesus Christ."
-Eric Ludy

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."
Phil 1:21


Charity U said...

Those are very sweet pictures! I like them!

Abigail said...

I also love the Ludy's books! They are so thought-provoking and challenging! Sounds like God blessed you at the conference. Keep growing!


Anonymous said...

Eric and Leslie are two of my favorite authors! Their books have really inspired and challenged me. I have grown so much from their books. God has used them greatly in my life!
I'm so jealous that you went to one of their conferences! ;) I'm glad you could go! Let me know if you plan to go again. I would love to go along!

Mikala said...

Yes, I have read one of Leslie's books, and have started another! I love how they write specifically to young people! That's so cool that you got to hear them teach!!

Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

Hi Anna!!
I happened across this blog post, I saw your picture and realized "yikes, thats my roommate!!". I am so glad to have found your blog... It was an absolutely amazing weekend. I am still basking in the truths and beauty of Christ which was shown me. I am excited about my plans to attend Ellerslie next summer.
I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful fall!!

If you'd like to keep in touch my email is

For our Kings Glory!!

SineTimore said...

Hi Anna! :) I came across your blog through a round about way through the Wissman's blog and thought that girl looks familiar! I am not sure if you remember or not but I met you that weekend that you were at Ellerslie! I am also still growing in truths that I learned that weekend! I just want to say that I have loved reading through your blog and have felt so encouraged! How are you doing? If you would like to keep in touch my email is:

I hope to hear from you! Have a wonderful day and thank you for your encouragement through your blog!

Rebecca VanDeMark :)