Saturday, December 18, 2010


You will have to excuse the lateness of this post.  A month as already passed since I've been to Branson, but there have been lots of things going on, like...sewing Christmas orders, delivering babies...stuff like that:) *smile*

And once again I didn't take any pictures.  At all.  In fact when my family left for home I *accidentally* left my camera in the van, so it was hundreds of miles away--that's my excuse this time:)  So instead of lots of pictures I'm gonna give you lots of special hints just in case you manage to find yourself in Branson--and these are especially good if you find yourself staying with a large family that puts on their very own show! goes it;

-Never, never and I mean never underestimate how much work goes into producing a show!  I got to watch what happens behind the takes lots of work, and we will just leave it at that! *smile*

-Make sure the family you are staying with has a good sense of comes in handy!

-And the flip side of that...if you intend to put some of your wonderful humor to use...remember the quote "you dish it, you take it."

-Early morning runs are a great way to start the day--especially if it's a little chilly:)

-Flexibility is a must--whatever situation you find yourself in, make the best of it!

-The balcony is the best place to watch a show...especially if you have a friend with you;)

-Dixie Stampede is AMAZING

-Dixie Stampedes food is even more AMAZING

-The Nativity at Dixie Stampede is the best.  Ever.

-Go to Dixie Stampede:)

-Swimming in an outdoor pool while 'back home' their shoveling snow makes a really great Facebook status. lol

(swimming *smile*)

- If the group you are with happens to sing at restaurants every morning to advertise their show, and you just happen to find yourself waiting in the van, immediately begin to search for a sign like this one!

Because if it is all lit up and pretty like this one is that means you will get to enjoy one of these...

And yes, they are YUM!  And they make the waiting all the more worth it!  Oh, and an extra 'hint' to save yourself some searching...the Krispy Kreme in Branson is located right next to a Denny''s a very easy walk--as long as you don't go around the back way.

-And if you ever go to Branson be sure to go and see the Wissmann Family Christmas!!  It's the BEST show in town...granted I only saw one other show...but who cares:)


Charity U said...

Would SO love to see it! Oh well. I'd love to read any more details you post!

hillybilly annie said...

I soo love branso especiality dixie stampede the food and the show

Anonymous said...
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