Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This may seem like a strange post.  And it is:)  But this post isn't necessarily to share this memory with you as it is to record it to be remembered!  But, before you come to any conclusion, let me explain myself!

I have grown up with a certain friend.   And this certain friend and I have made quite a few interesting memories together.  We were no ordinary children--at all.   And when we get together, which isn't too terribly often anymore due to certain studying habits, we love to rehash all our fun/amazing stories.  And most of them carry a common theme which is; why spend more money/time to do something the "right/safe/easier" way when you could accomplish the same thing in a more, shall we say, creative/fun/inexpensive way?  Most of the projects ended up taking way more time...etc.  But the memories are half the fun right?  Yes.  At least that's what we have decided:)

Now you still might be confused, so let me give you an example.  The only thing is...that this is a more recent example.  Like last week recent.  The project that I needed to do was, set 4 grommets into 2 bags.   

The proper tools to use?  A grommet setter--which would have cost us $22.50 (we did try to use the one picture below, but it was too small)

When I decided to use grommets I thought to myself "I know my friend has a grommet setter, and it will only take a couple minutes to set them...perfect way to save some money."  If I would have thought back to the dozens of times I had thought that same thing...I might have just bought the specific setter...

The tools we ended up using

I went down the stairs thinking it would only take about 10 min.  I had with me 8 grommets...

I emerged an hour later with the 4 grommets set and 4 grommets that were used as 'testers'.  It involved the use of 13 different tools...don't ask for an explanation...and it ended with another fun memory!  

You have a job that needs done?

You might want to think twice before asking us to do it for you:)  lol


ladygreen said...

I love it!!! Oh we are fabulous, aren't we?! The more I think about that reality TV show, the better it sounds...

Thanks for being awesome! And hey, six more days and those certain study habbits will be gone for almost a month!

Elzabeth Joy said...

This totally made me laugh :) you guys are great!!